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Casey Clabough—A Busy Man!   printer  

 Casey Clabough has been very busy this past year, and will continue to be busy for the foreseeable future as well. He recently received the inaugural Bangladesh International Literary Award, and in summer 2013 Texas Review Press will publish Clabough's biography of George Garrett, an excerpt from which appeared in our winter 2012 issue. Clabough also published an essay on fellow SR contributor Cary Holladay in the October 2012 Hollins Critic and had work published in the following anthologies: After Dark (Diversion Press), Appalachian Story (KY Story Press), and Impact (Telling Your Stories Press). And as if all that weren't enough, his recent novel Confederado (Ingalls/High Mountain, 2012) has been translated into Portuguese! Join us in celebrating all of Clabough's accomplishments!

Read Oxford American's interview with Clabough here.