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SR Poet Wendell Berry's Latest Book Wins Acclaim   printer  

by Dan Caraco

Wendell Berry, one of America’s treasured men of letters, has published Imagination in Place (Counterpoint, 2010), a collection of essays, over half of which were originally published in the SR.  Read this enthusiastic review by J. David Santen, Jr. of The Oregonian.  Critic Tom Eblen of the Lexington Herald-Leader adds, “Although much in these essays celebrates the warmth and humanness of life, Berry also does some of what he does best: hold up a mirror to modern society and make observations of blinding moral clarity."

Berry has most recently been published in the SR in 2009, both in the spring (with his short story “The Dark Country”) and the fall (with “Hello, Hayden!,” his remembrance of Hayden Carruth).  Be sure to read Berry’s essay on William Carlos Williams (an excerpt from a developing, full-length study of Williams), in the winter 2011 issue, a new Sabbaths poem in our spring issue, and a new story with news from Port William, called "In the Nick of Time," in our current issue.