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New! Reissue of Keithley's Renowned Book-Length Poem

George Keithley, who's work will appear in the forthcoming winter 2014 number, recently had his book-length poem The Donner Party reprinted by George Braziller. The poem, first published in 1970, tells the tale of George Donner's wagon train, which leaves from Illinois for California but meets with difficulty when they attempt to take a shortcut through the Sierra Nevada with winter approaching. A review from Kirkus praises how the poem "reclaims the awful episode in such a way that it can be recognized as thoroughly American, not merely acceptable but enhancing to our sense of our past." Dick Allen, writing for Poetry, says that Keithley's poem is "one of the three or four finest book-length American poems ever written," and that it "recovers a type of poetry almost lost to modern readers."