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New Books by Sewanee Review Authors

New! Philip Raisor plumbs the depths of memoir and verse

Philip Raisor’s new book Swimming in the Shallow End blends three of the Sewanee Review’s favorite ingredients: narrative, memoir, and verse. The book focuses on Philip Raisor’s life in Muncie, Indiana and the travels that lead him back to the city. Though the book is focused on a specific locale, it flows with universal truths. Peter Makuck, a contributor to the Sewanee Review, describes the book as “about the hometown that still haunts us long after we have left it. This skillfully unified narrative brings to mind James Joyce’s Dubliners and the need to leave home for a wider perspective.” Peter Meinke says of Raisor’s book, the “poems spring vividly from the country, with ‘enough farm philosophy / to clog a pig,’ and move out into the wider world with wisdom, humor and a stubborn resistance to despair.” Despite what the title suggests, Swimming in the Shallow End promises deep reading, pulling the reader down in an undertow of verse and memory.