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Former Poet Laureate Daniel Hoffman Explores the Human Experience

 Daniel Hoffman, a former poet laureate, longtime contributor to the Sewanee Review, and Aiken Taylor Award winner, has published thirteen books of poetry and countless critical studies. Spanning sixty years of writing, he is a master of imagination, and has been recognized with many awards, including the Arthur Anse prize for "a distinctive poet" from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. We are excited to learn that Hoffman's newest book of poetry, Next to Last Words, is set for publication by LSU Press in April 2013. The book contains poems in both formal and free verse whose themes include our place in the cosmos, our kinship with nature, our violent world, and intense love and grief.

"It's one thing to know of a poet and know that he's good, another to see the fruits of five and a half decades gathered, culled, and thoughtfully arranged—to see that he's been good for this long."
—Eric McHenry, New York Times

Join us as we remember Daniel Hoffman, former poet laureate and winner of the Aiken Taylor Award in Modern American Poetry.