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New Books by Sewanee Review Authors

David Madden Presents: A Trifecta

 David Madden completely conquered the year 2011, publishing three books from three different presses within one month. In James M. Cain: Hardboiled Mythmaker, Madden combines an overview of Cain's fiction with essential criticism and analysis, forming a volume worthy of the influential, under-respected author. Madden serves as editor to his long-time friend Wright Morris for Wright Morris Territory, a collection highlighting not only Morris's famous novels, but also a great deal of Morris's lesser known work, including selections from his photo-text books, criticism, and short stories. Madden completes his trifecta with another edited work; Absalom, Absalom! is a collection of sixteen essays on William Faulkner's novel which seek to provide many differing perspectives on the work. With these three editions to his already illustrious career, Madden continues to amaze and educate students and scholars alike.