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Bob Cooperman's Newest Collection

 "When I sit down with a new manuscript by Bob Cooperman, I know I'm going to sit down for the count and won't stir again until his story is told"; so says Carol Hamilton, former Poet Laureate of Oklahoma, in a past review of one of Cooperman's books. Now we all have the opportunity to "sit down for the count" and read Cooperman's newest collection of narrative poetry, The Lily of the West. Inspired by the American folk song made famous by Joan Baez and kept alive by artists such as Bob Dylan, The Chieftains, and Peter, Paul and Mary ("When first I came to Louisville, some pleasure there to find. . ."), Cooperman's seventeenth collection promises to continue the trend of engaging, extraordinary poetry that has caused critic Floyd Skloot to praise Cooperman as "a poet alive to the pleasure of words." Bob Cooperman was featured in our Fall 2011 issue "The Sinews of War."