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What's New From the Award-Winning Hilary Masters

Hilary Masters's newest effort, Post: A Fable, is his tenth novel and seventeenth book.  Set in a futuristic and dystopian Manhattan that has been converted into a large-scale parking plaza, Masters's novel is "part mystery, part environmental elegy."  Booklist raves, "In a whirl of historic fact, erotic mayhem, and comic suspense, Masters ingeniously connects the bloodlust that drove the once sky-filling passenger pigeon into extinction with endangered forms of culture and love in an uproarious and wise inquiry into why we destroy what awes and sustains us."  Intriguing, right?  You're not the only one who thinks so: USA Book News named Post the literary fiction winner for the Best Books of 2011.  Read more about the award here, and congrats to our longtime contributor!