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Singing George Bornstein's Praises

George Bornstein has received much-deserved praise for his cross-cultural and interdisciplinary study of seminal figures among the Black, Jewish, and Irish populations between the Irish Potato Famine and the end of World War II.  Bornstein's main effort in the book is to demonstrate the ways in which these three groups of people, in response to their similarly shared persecutions and tribulations, banded together in ways that we have since either forgotten, ignored, or misunderstood.  Tom F. Wright of the Times Literary Supplement writes, "Bornstein marshals a remarkable and diverse range of materials, and the analysis ranges from literature, song and racist sociology to public policy, university admissions practices, and the rise of ethnic publishing.  The narrative is often revelatory: a swift succession of memorable case studies challenges reductive notions of black anti-Semitism, Jewish racism or Irish belligerence."  Read a review of Dr. Bornstein's new book in the New Yorker here, and look for his essay, "W. B. Yeats's Poetry of Aging," in our winter 2012 issue.