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Perhaps Thomas Lux says it best: "Reading Thom Ward is to enter a brilliant and restless imagination—sometimes poignant, sometimes crazy-with-a-purpose, but always with a deep lucidity in the logic of its illogic.  His poems remind me how much we need language and how much the language needs us."  This description certainly holds true for Ward's newest effort, Etcetera's Mistress, published in September 2011 by Accents.  Ironically enough, the poetry that the SR has published of Ward's appeared in our Winter 2010 issue dedicated to prose. Nevertheless his poetry was just as well received here as it has been everywhere else he has published.  Alan Michael Parker confirms what those who have read Thom Ward already know when he says, "Waxing or waning, the moon's aloft in Thom Ward's stunning new prose poems, jingling sonnets, and philosophical forays, with Ward dangling from the same moon like a lovely Shakespearean fool. . . . Who better than Ward to help us love?"

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We've also just heard that Thom Ward's poetry has been anthologized in Bigger Than They Appear by Accents. Congrats to Thom!