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New Books by Sewanee Review Authors

Dawn Potter's Adventurous Verse

Dawn Potter recently published a new collection of poetry, How the Crimes Happened. Her new book covers a range of topics, from childhood to motherhood, Grendel to Milton, the Red Sox to the Keystone Kops, exploring the mundane and the chaotic in a series of neatly constrained poems and sonnets. The poet Meg Kearney remarks that "John Keats might have been writing to Dawn Potter when he said, 'There is nothing stable in the world; uproar's your only music.'"How the Crimes Happened is published by CavanKerry Press in their Notable Voices series and joins SR luminaries, John Haines and Robert Cording, in that series. You can read Potter on Jane Austen in the fall 2008 SR or in the summer 2010 issue, which features her essay on Charlotte Brontë.  She also has an essay on Dickens forthcoming in summer 2011.