2016 Draft Program Southern Conference of Slavic Studies



Thursday, 17 March 2016

Registration, Main Lobby, Embassy Suites, Tuscaloosa, AL 12:00 noon – 5:00 pm

Opening Reception, 6:00pm-11:00 PM Loosa Brews Pub in Tuscaloosa, AL. 412 20th Ave, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401. Sponsored by the University of Alabama.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Registration, Main Lobby, Embassy Suites, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Session 1: 8:30-10:00 am

Panel 1-1: Twentieth-Century Russian Poetry and the Poet’s Biography

Chair: Karl Brown, UW-Whitewater,

“Biography and Form: Kuzmin’s”, Ryan Serrano, Northwestern University

 “The Physicality of Immortality. Interpreting and Translating Maykovsky’s ‘To Comrade Nette,’” Jasmine Trinks, Northwestern University,

 “Brodsky’s Prose Tombeau for Tsvetaeva”, Nadia Vinogradova, Northwestern University,

 Discussant: Kevin Reese, UNC-Chapel Hill,


Panel 1-2: Reading the 1905 Revolution


“’The Destruction of Mercy, Love, and Joy:’ Newspaper Coverage of Revolutionary Violence in 1905 Ekaterinburg”, Dakota Irvin, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill,

“Revolutionary Reactionaries: Novoe Vremia and its Readers Interpret the Revolution of 1905”, Zachary Hoffman, University of Virginia,

Discussant: Steven Barnes, George Mason University,


Panel 1-3: Chernobyl Retrospective at the Thirtieth Anniversary

 Chair: Michael K. Launer, Florida State University,

“What Happened at Chernobyl: What Do American Students Know about the World’s Worst Nuclear Accident?”, Svitlana Kalinska, RussTech Language Services, Inc.

“An Overview of Assistance Programs Sponsored by the Nuclear Industry, the United States Government, the European Union, and the G-7 involving the Soviet Union, post-Soviet Russia, and Ukraine as a Result of the Chernobyl Accident”, Michael K. Launer, Florida State University

 “Chernobyl in Public Memory: The ’Normalization’ of a Disaster”, Marilyn J. Young, Florida State University,  

 Discussant: David Cratis Williams, Florida State University,


Panel 1-4: Reformers and Dissent


“Tat`iana Goricheva: the Development of a Religious Dissident”, Elizabeth Skomp, Sewanee: The University of the South,

“A ‘Thaw’ in Fashion?: The Houses of Design and Consumer Production in the Soviet Union, 1944-1959”, Virginia Olmsted, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill,

“Russia’s Other Favorite Drink: Tea as a Solution to Lower-Class Alcoholism, 1837-1917” Audra Yoder, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill,

Discussant: Marjorie Hilton, Murray State University,

 Session 2: 10:15am -12:00pm

Roundtable 2-1: The 2014 Ukrainian Crisis and its Aftermath

Chair: James W. Peterson, Valdosta State University,

Jacek Lubecki, Georgia Southern University,

Ivan Nikolov, Valdosta State University,

Michael Baun, Valdosta State University,

Olavi Arens, Armstrong State University,

Discussant: Anna Fishzon, Duke University, or

 Panel 2-2: The Novel

 Chair: Marjorie Hilton, Murray State University,

 “The Revolt of a Mass Man in Ilichevsky’s Matiss”, Katya Jordan, Brigham Young University,

“The Homeostatic Universe Murdered Pushkin: The Strugatskiis’ Za milliard let do kontsa sveta”, Kevin Reese, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill,

“Fear of a Red Plant: Aelita and avant-garde aesthetics in 1924”, Karl Brown, UW-Whitewater,


Panel 2-3: The Reckless 1920s

Chair:Steve Barnes, George Mason University,

“Forgotten Soviet Flight of 1926”, Katya Vladimirov,

“Rule of None: Soviet Policy in the Era of the New Economic Policy”, Benjamin Sawyer, Middle Tennessee State University, 

“Trying the Female Criminal:  State, Society, and Social Norms in Revolutionary Russia”,

Sharon A. Kowalsky, Texas A&M University-Commerce,

Discussant: Christopher Ward, Clayton State University,


Panel 2-4: The Fate of the Other

 Chair: Sandra Pujals, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras,

 “Meanings and Negotiations of Pride: Conducting LGBTQ Activism in Belgrade”, Alexander Cooper, Central European University,

 “Two Romeos with no Juliet: Queer Subversion in Jerzy Nasierowki’s Romeo and Romeo”, Jack J.B. Hutchens, University of Florida,

 “Tolerating the Ethnic ‘Other’ in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Student Attitudes towards the Out Group” Matthew Becker, University of Mississippi,

 Discussant: Lee Farrow, Auburn University at Montgomery,


Executive Committee Lunch 12:15 -1:15 pm


Session 3: 1:30-3:00 pm

Panel 3-1: Reflections on Russia’s turn of the century Monarchy

Chair: Stella Gherva, Univeristy of Alabama, Birmingham,

“American Impressions of Russian Monarchy, 1870-1871” Lee Farrow, Auburn University at Montgomery,

“Monarchical Populism at the Court of Nicholas I”, Susan McCaffray, University of North Carolina-Wilmington,

“Autocratic Elite Political Culture during the First World War” Frank Wcislo, Vanderbilt University,



Panel 3-2: War and Evacuation in Russia and Ukraine

Chair and Discussant: David Goldfrank, Georgetown University

“Evacuation, Forced Migration and Depo, rtation during the Crimean War”, Mara Kozelsky, University of South Alabama,

“Wheel of Misfortune: A Tale of Soviet Wartime Evacuation, 1943-1943”, Larry E. Holmes, University of South Alabama,

“Migration to Russia During the Ukrainian Crisis”, Nick Gossett, University of South Alabama,

Panel 3-3: Imprints: Forgeries, Spies and Tombstones

Chair and Discussant: Katya Vladimirov, Kennesaw State University,

“Forgeries and pseudonymity in premodern Ukraine”, Maria Ivanova, University of Virginia,,

“Mr. and Mrs. Spy: Alleged Espionage During Stalin’s Great Terror”, Jeanie M. Welch, UNC Charlotte (retired),

“From Curbstones to Commemoration: Reclaiming the Memory of Jewish Life in a Polish Town”, Marysia Galbraith, University of Alabama,

Panel 3-4: Representations of War and Diplomacy

Chair: Cadra Peterson McDaniel, Texas A&M University-Central Texas,

“A Tournament of Manliness: Czech K.u.K. Soldiers in Mobilization of 1914”, Jiri Hutecka, University of Nebraska-Lincoln,

“Wartime influence or irrelevance: A first look at Izvolskii in Paris during World War I”, Ronald Bobroff, Oglethorpe University,

“Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin and the Representation of War”, David Borgmeyer, Saint Louis University,

Discussant: Mara Kozelsky, University of South Alabama,

 Business Meeting: 3:30-4:30 pm                                                                                        Ballroom A

Banquet 6:00 pm                                                                                                                   Banquet Room

Keynote Speaker

"The Ukrainian Crisis in Historical Perspective."  

Serhii Plokhii, Mykhailo Hrushevsky, Professor of Ukrainian History, Harvard University

Saturday, 19 March 2016


Registration, Main Lobby, Embassy Suites 8:00 am -12:00 pm

Session 4: 9:00-10:30 am

Roundtable 4-1: The Arc and the Wider Arc of Revolution


Steve Sabol, UNC Charlotte,

Alex Marshall, University of Glasgow,

John W. Steinberg, Austin Peay State University,


Panel 4-2: Ukraine: From the Second World War to the Maidan

 Chair: Ron Bobroff, Chair, Oglethorpe University,

“Deep and Unofficial: The Curious Case of the Soviet Underground in Nazi-Occupied Kyiv, 1941-1943”, Martin Blackwell, University of North Georgia,

“Demographic Convulsions, Border Changes, and the Crystallization of the Ukrainian Identity, 1945-2014”, George Liber, University of Alabama at Birmingham,

“Donbas Challenges: Identity, War, and the Roots of the (Non-) Resistance in Maidan and Post-Maidan Ukraine”, Olena Leipnik, Sam Houston State University,

Discussant: Matt Payne, Emory University,


Panel 4-3: Clubs, Societies and Interaction

Chair: Roy R. Robson, Penn State University,

“Literature as Diplomacy: The Bulgarian P.E.N. Club in the Interwar Years”, Irina Gigova, College of Charleston,

“Exporting Subversion: Polish Blackmarketeers’ Contacts with Socialist Societies, 1972-1980”, Michael Skalski  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,

“Metaphor in the Architecture of Ivan Leonidov and Bernard Tschumi”, Mila Nazyrova, University of South Carolina,

Discussant: Katya Jordan, Brigham Young University,


Panel 4-4: National Interest and Northern Russia

Chair: Maria Ivanova, University of Virginia,

“Russian and Chinese Arctic Interest: Problems and Prospects”, Tom Rotnem,

“Arctic Nationalism: Vladimir Putin’s Strategy for Russia as a Northern Power”, Cadra Peterson McDaniel, Texas A&M University-Central Texas,

Discussant: Michael Baun, Valdosta State University,

Session 5: 10:45-12:15pm

Roundtable 5-1: Poland, World War II & The Holocaust

Chair: David Borgmeyer, Saint Louis University,

Matthew Schwonek, United States Airforce Air Command and Staff College,

Jacek Lubecki, Georgia Southern University,

John W. Steinberg, Austin Peay State University,


Panel 5-2: The Embodiment of Creative Memories


“The Archive as Weapon of Class Struggle: Archivists, Citizens, and the Creation of the Soviet Historic Record”, Kelly A. Kolar, Middle Tennessee State University, 

“Religious Faith, Secular Culture and Technology Converge: Cosmonaut Rituals at Baikonur”, Cathleen S. Lewis, Smithsonian Institution,

“’The Immortal Regiment’- War Memory, Politics, and Emotions in Putin’s Russia”, Karen Petrone, University of Kentucky,

Discussant: Suzanne Ament, Radford University,

Panel 5-3: Nationalism: Reflections and Attitudes

Chair:  David Goldfrank, Georgetown University,

“Russian-Turkish War of 1877-1878 and the Attitude of the Russian Society(based on memoirs, diaries and the epistolary heritage of the contemporaries)”, Alena Eskridge-Kosmach, Francis Marion University,

“Vuk Karadzic as Politician and Nationalist: The Standardization of Modern Serbian and its Role in the Language Politics of Nationalism in Late Austria-Hungary” Thomas Elvins,

“Stolidly Plodding Home: Poland’s Refugee Problem, 1919-1922.” Matthew Adams, Savannah State University,


Panel 5-4: Legacy of Communism: Theater and Film

Chair: Katya Vladimirov, Kennesaw State University,

 “And Your Mother Too: Soviet Cinema’s Legacy to Mexican Cinematography, 1931-2000”, Sandra Pujals, University of Puerto Rico,

 “Music and the Cinematic Soviet Woman: The Arnshtam/Shostakovich Collaboration”, Joan Titus, University of North Carolina at Greensboro,


Beach Party:


1:30 pm: Trip to Moundville. Meet in Hotel Lobby

7:00 pm: Film night in ten Hoor Hall, room 125 on the University of Alabama campus. Meet in the Hotel Lobby at 6:30 pm