Program Southern Conference of Slavic Studies


Thursday, 5 March 2015

Registration Hilton Hotel 4 pm

Opening Reception Grand KY- Salon A Hilton Hotel 6 pm


Friday, 6 March 2015

Breakfast Buffet: At Entrance to Grand KY - Salons A& B,  7:00-9:00 am

Session 1: 8:30-10:00 am


Panel 1.1: Place and Identity Bluegrass Room – Salon A


Chair: Susan McCaffray, UNC-Wilmington, mccaffrays@uncw.edu


“Baikonur, Tyuratam and Long Duree History”

Cathleen Lewis, Smithsonian Institute’s National Air and Space Museum, LewisCS@si.edu


“This City Has Become Human for Me”: Stalingrad and the Gendered Use of Hero-cities in the

Formation of a Soviet National Identity”

Hannah Zinn, University of Oklahoma,hlzinn@ou.edu


Discussant: John Davis, Hopkinsville Community College, jpdavi4@gmail.com


Panel 1.2: Illustrations, Fiction and Theater Bluegrass Room-Salon B


Chair:  Joan Titus, University of North Carolina-Greensboro, j_titus@uncg.edu


 “Staging Trauma: Experiential Performance in the Kantor’s Umarla Klasa

Ty Vanover, University of Virginia



"The Double Narrative of Domestic Violence in Contemporary Russia”

Jessica Dougherty, Duke University, jessica.dougherty@duke.edu


“Russian Children’s Picture Books and Their Illustrators in the Post Stalin Era”

Katherine Lane, Duke University, Katherine.lane@Duke.edu


Discussant: Sharon Kowalsky, Texas A&M University-Commerce, Sharon.Kowalsky@tamuc.edu


Panel 1.3: History and Gender Identity -Triple Crown Room


Chair andDiscussant: Marjorie Hilton, Murray State University, mhilton@murraystate.edu


“Historical Encounters of the Queer Kind”

Jodi Greig, University of Michigan, jcgreig@umich.edu


“The Curious Case of Stella Walsh, the Greatest Woman Athlete of the Frist Half of the Twentieth Century”

Sheldon Anderson, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, anderss@miamioh.edu


Panel 1.4: Body and Soul: Aspects of Physicality and Spirituality in Literature - Grand Kentucky –Salon B


Chair: Kevin Reese, University North Carolina – Chapel Hill, kreese@email.unc.edu


            “Seeing, Hearing, Touching: The Limited Space of the Senses in Lev Tolstoy’s ‘Father Sergius’”

Natalia Chernysheva, University North Carolina – Chapel Hill, chernysn@email.unc.edu


“Silver Age Yoga”

J. Alexander Ogden, University of South Carolina, ogdenj@mailbox.sc.edu


“How Do You Like My Darkness Now?: Slavic Lovers, Sexual Initiation and ‘Ethnic Cleansing’”

Elena Pedigo Clark, Wake Forest University, clarkep@wfu.edu


Discussant: Kevin Reese, University North Carolina – Chapel Hill, kreese@email.unc.edu


Panel 1.5: Identity and Politics among the Czechs- Grand Kentucky-Salon A


Chair: Katya Jordan, Virginia Tech, kjordan5@vt.edu


            “Art Nouveau’s Connection to Pan-Slavism

Erin Dusza, erin_dusza@yahoo.com


            “The Velvet Revolution in the Views of Czech Presidents (and Czech Media)”

Vladimir Polách,  University of Nebraska-Lincoln, vladimir.polach@unl.edu


            “Rethinking National Identify in Czechoslovakia, 1918-1921: What’s in a Song?”

William J. Peterson, Pomona College, wpeterson@pomona.edu

            James W. Peterson, Valdosta State University, jpetersn@valdosta.edu


Discussant: Tony Makowksi, Delaware County Community College, amakowski@dccc.edu


Session 2: 10:15am -12:00pm



Panel 2.1: Placing Time: Private and Public Cultural Production in Fin de Siecle Russia - Grand Kentucky-Salon A

Chair: Chris Ely, Florida Atlantic University, cely@fau.edu


“Daily Time/Private Time: Domestic Interiors and Modern Temporalities”

Rebecca Friedman, Florida International University, friedmar@fiu.edu


“Shifting Time-Frames and Metaphorical Spaces: Dmitrii Merezhkovsky, Russian Modernism, and the Classical Past”

Judith Kalb, University of South Carolina, kalbj@mailbox.sc.edu


“Cool-tivating Modernity: Exploring Russian Futurists’ Reconstruction of Nature”

Rosibel Roman, Florida International University , rroma004@fiu.edu



Discussant: Anna Fishzon, Duke Univeristy

Anna.fishzon@duke.edu  or  afishzon@gmail.com


Panel 2.2: Roundtable: The Wider Arc of Revolution: The Global Impact of the Russian Revolution

Grand Kentucky – Salon B


Chair and Discussant: John W. Steinberg, Austin Peay State University



            Steven Marks, Clemson University, MSTEVEN@Clemson.edu


            Choi Chatterjee, California State University, Los Angeles, cchatte@calstatela.edu


            Steve Sabol, University North Carolina – Charlotte, sosabol@uncc.edu


            Alice Pate, Kennesaw State University, apate9@kennesaw.edu


Panel 2.3: Transnationalism: Migration and Human Trafficking - Bluegrass Room- Salon A

Chair:Sandra Pojals, University of Puerto-Rico, San Juan, spuprrp@gmail.com

“Ideologies of (non)-return: An Examination of Transnationalism among Romanian Migrant Women in France”

Elena Popa, Indiana University, epopa@indiana.edu


“Movie Influences on U.S. Media Reporting on Human Trafficking in Eastern European Countries”

Stepanka Korytova-Magstadt, Indiana University, stepkory@indiana.edu


Discussant: Debbie Field, Adrian College, dfield@adrain.edu


Panel 2.4: The World of the Slavic World - Bluegrass Room – Salon B


Chair: Lee Farrow, Auburn University at Montgomery, lfarrow@aum.edu


“Suicide as a Final Resolution of Conflicting Identities in The Brothers Karamazov”

Rachael Daum Indiana University, rcldaum@gmail.com


“Admission of Guilt in Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov”

Catherine Spitzer, Saint Anselm College, cspitzer@anselm.edu


“Vladimir Nabokov as a Translator (‘Eugene Onegin’)”

Julia Kobrina-Coolidge (Middlebury College), jkobrinacoolidge@csuchico.edu


“Textual dissimulation strategies in early modern Poland-Lithuania”

Maria Ivanova, University of Virginia ivanova@virginia.edu


Discussant: Katya Vladimirov, Kennesaw State University, kvladimi@kennesaw.edu


Panel 2.5: Domestic Context of Russian Foreign Policy - Triple Crown Room

Chair: Cathleen Lewis, Smithsonian Institution, LewisCS@si.edu


            “Fear and Loathing in Russian Political Culture”

Robert Nalbandov, Utah State University, Robert.Nalbandov@usu.edu     


            “Literature as Cold War Weapon: Soviet Publishing and Foreign Policy During the 1960s”

Karl E. Loewenstein, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, loewenst@uwosh.edu


“The Russian Christian Take on Putin and Ukraine”

Mark Elliott, Asbury University, emark936@gmail.com


“Cuban-Russian Relations in the 21st Century: Oil and Geopolitics."

Christopher Moldes. Duke University, christopher.moldes@duke.edu


Discussant: Matt Payne, Emory University, mpayn01@emory.edu


Panel 2.6: Uses of Poetry in the Study of Twentieth-century Russian Literature - Crimson Clover Room


Chair: Elena Pedigo Clark, Wake Forrest University, elenapedigo@yahoo.com


            “Okhotnik ili dobycha?: Internalized Homophobia in the Poetry of Tsvetaeva and Parnok”

            Karina McCorkle, UNC- Chapel Hill, karinamccorkle@bellsouth.net


            “The Cosmology of Peter’s City: Pushkin’s Mednyi vsadnik in the Strugatskiis’ Piknik na obochine”    Kevin Reese, UNC-Chapel Hill, kreese@email.unc.edu


            “Maiakovski’s Superfluous Sacrifice: The Poetic Persona as Christ Figure in Vladimir Maiakovskii:      Tragediia

            Jasmine Trinks, UNC-Chapell Hill, jaklar@live.unc.edu


Discussant: John Wright, Kenyon College, cal.wright@gmail.com


Executive Committee Lunch 12:15 -1:15 pm Arabian Board Room


Session 3: 1:30-3:00 pm


Panel 3.1: Bodies in Film and Literature - Grand Kentucky-Salon A

Chair: Elizabeth Skomp, Sewanee - The University of the South, eskomp@sewanee.edu

Bodies of Power: Control and Influence in Ulitskaia's The Funeral Party and 'March 1953'”

 Natalie McCauley, University of Michigan, NataliMc@UMich.edu


“Sexuality Indignity: Representations of Women and Sex in Glasnost-Era Soviet Film”

Svetlana Ter-Grigoryan, Western Kentucky University



“The Female in Bee Bodies: Honey Bee Imagery in Imperial and Early Soviet Russia”

Catherine Clay, Shippensburg University, cbclay@ship.edu


Moderator: Karen Petrone, University of Kentucky, petrone@uky.edu


Panel 3.2: Making St. Petersburg: Consciousness or Spontaneity - Grand Kentucky-Salon B          


Chair:  Julie Buckler, Harvard University, buckler@fas.harvard.edu


            “Énvisioned but Unrealized: The Petersburg that Wasn’t”

            George Munro, Virginia Commonwealth University, gmunro@vcu.edu


            “From Admiralty Meadow to Palace Square”

            Susan McCaffray, University North Carolina – Wilmington, mccaffrays@uncw.edu


            “Reform-Era St. Petersburg as Embattled Space of Representation”

            Chris Ely, Florida Atlantic University, cely@fau.edu


Discussant: David Goldfrank, Georgetown University, goldfrad@georgetown.edu


Panel 3.3: Women and Islam in a Russian/Soviet Context - Bluegrass Room –Salon B

Chair:  Matthew Payne, Emory University, mpayn01@emory.edu


“Marriage to non-Muslims: Changing Times and Perspectives”

Rahimjon Abdugarfurova, Emory University, rahimjon.abdugafurov@emory.edu


“The Images of Women in Turkestan: From Heroines to Myopic Individuals”

Donohon Abdugafurova, Emory University, donohon.abdugafurova@emory.edu


“Awakening the East”: Soviet Representations of Central Asian Women in the Interwar Period”

Rebekah Ramsay, Emory University, rebekah.ramsay@gmail.com


Discussant: Clayton Black, Washington College, cblack2@washcoll.edu


Panel 3.4: Something Old, Something New: Tatar Linguistic, Cultural, and Political Transformations in the Twentieth CenturyTriple Crown Room


Chair: John W. Steinberg, Austin Peay State University, steinbergi@apsu.edu


            “Dictionaries, Scripts, and Soviet Power: The Imperfect Science of Tatar Lexicography”

Daniel Schafer, Belmont University, daniel.schafer@belmont.edu


            “The Maidan in Kazan: Sabantui as a Communicative Space, 1920-41”

Gary Guadagnolo, University North Carolina – Chapel Hill, gdg@email.unc.edu


“A Nation without an Ideology is like a Body without a Soul’: Volga Tatars Theorize Turkish Nationalism”

Elizabeth Bospflug, Yale University, elizabeth.bospflug@yale.edu


Discussant: Mustafa Tuna, Duke University, mustafa.tuna@duke.edu


Panel 3.5: Russia and the Near Abroad – Bluegrass Room Salon A


Chair: Tony Makowksi, Delaware County Community College, amakowski@dccc.edu


“Between Cold War, Détente, and Glasnost’: Perceptions of Japan in the Soviet Press, 1956-1991”

Christopher J. Ward, Clayton State University, christopherward@clayton.edu


“European Reactions to the Alaskan Purchase”

Lee Farrow, Auburn University at Montgomery, lfarrow@aum.edu


Discussant: Olavi Arens, Armstrong Atlantic University, olavi.arens@armstrong.edu


Business Meeting: 3:30-4:30 pm – Grand Kentucky Salon A


5:30 -Shuttle to Banquet site on UK Campus

Banquet 6:00 pm


E. S. Goodbarn on the University of Kentucky Campus



Keynote Speaker

Julie Buckler, Harvard University, “Repurposing the Past: Post-Soviet Urban Spaces”


Saturday, 7 March


Breakfast Buffet: At Entrance to Grand KY Salons A & B, 7:30-9:00 am

Session 4: 9:00-10:30 am


Panel 4.1: Stalin’s Gulag and World War II: Undergraduate Research - Triple Crown Room


Discussant and Chair: Ken Slepyan, Transylvania University, kslepyan@transy.edu


"Good Neighbors in a World at War: Hollywood Portrays the Soviet Union"

Michael Guarnieri, Transylvania U., meguarnieri15@transy.edu


"US Foreign Policy Response to the Gulag"

Rick Spencer, University of Kentucky, rick.spencer@gmail.com


"Biblioteka "Perekovka":  Preliminary Observations"

Nash Whaley,  University of Kentucky, nash.whaley@gmail.com


"Partisans and Civilians during World War II"

Shelley Zhou, University of Kentucky, shelley.zhou@uky.edu


Panel 4.2: Literature as Politics - Bluegrass Room Salon A


Chair and Discussant: Judith Kalb, University of South Carolina, kalbj@mailbox.sc.edu


            “Impossible Knowledge as Insanity or Hypnosis”

            Brendan Mooney, University of South Carolina, mooneyb@email.sc.edu


            “František Ladislav Čelakovsky: Hapsburg Loyalist or Closet Rebel”

Andrew Drozd, University of Alabama, adrozd@ua.edu


“Publicizing National Literature: Professionalization of Writers in Interwar Bulgaria and Their Case for Social Relevance”

Irina Gigova, College of Charleston, gigovai@cofc.edu




Panel 4.3: Post-Soviet Nationalism - Grand Kentucky-Salon A


Chair and Discussant : Stacy Closson, University of Kentucky, stacy.closson@uky.edu


            “Georgia’s Rose Revolution”

Rebecca S. Katz, Morehead State University, r.katz@moreheadstate.edu


            “Russian Nationalism and the Rejection of the Western Liberal Order”

Charles E. Ziegler, University of Louisville,  charles.ziegler@louisville.edu


            “Embroidery to the UPA: The Rise of Post-Soviet Ukrainian Nationalism”

Adrian Mandzy, Morehead State University,           a.mandzy@moreheadstate.edu


Panel  4.4: World War and Civil War - Grand Kentucky- Salon B

Chair:  Tony Makowski, Delaware County Community College, amakowski@dccc.edu


“Propaganda, Ideology, and the Press in ‘White Siberia,’ 1918-1920”

Dakota Irvin, University North Carolina-Chapel Hill, dirvin1@live.unc.edu


“Alternative Food Policies in WWI: The Estonian Experience with the German Policy in 1918”

Olavi Arens, Armstrong Atlantic State University, olavi.arens@armstrong.edu


“Russian Naval Aviation in the Black Sea in WWI”

James K. Libbey, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, libbeyj@erau.edu


Discussant: Cathleen Lewis, Smithsonian Institution, LewisCS@si.edu


Session 5: 10:45-12:15pm


Panel 5.1: The Americas and the Soviet Experiment – Triple Crown Room


Chair: Steve Barnes, George Mason University, sbarnes3@gmu.edu


“Exposiciones Soviéticas: Selling Socialist Modernity in the US’s Backyard”Austin Yost, University North Carolina – Chapel Hill, atyost@live.unc.edu


“Dispatches from a True Believer: Anna Louise Strong’s Reporting in the Mainstream American Press, 1924-1935”

Jeanie M. Welch, University North Carolina – Charlotte, welch.jeanie@gmail.com


            “Translating Whose Vision? Claude McKay and W.E.B. Du Bois Write Up the Soviet Experiment”

Joy Gleason Carew, University of Louisville, joy.carew@louisville.edu


Discussant: David Goldfrank, Georgetown University, goldfrad@georgetown.edu


Panel 5.2: Dissidents, Expats and Intellectuals – Bluegrass Room-Salon A


Chair: Boris Gorshkov, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, boris.gorshkov@yahoo.com


            “Soviet Citizens and Their Disillusionment with the State: Revisionist History and the Harvard Project     Interviews” Terri Blom Crocker, University of Kentucky, tbcroc2@email.uky.edu


            “Actors in a “Cheap Comedy”: Dissidents in Soviet Psychiatric Institutions, 1968-1973”

            Philip Kiffer, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, kiffer@live.unc.edu


            “Pamiat’i mechta: Soviet Intellectuals, Late 1960s-1970s”

            Dr. Katya Vladimirov, Kennesaw State University,  kvladimi@kennesaw.edu


Discussant: Suzanne Ament, Radford University, seament@radford.edu


Panel 5.3: Political Identity in Early Twentieth Century Russia – Grand Kentucky Salon A


Chair: Alice K. Pate, Kennesaw State University, apate9@kennesaw.edu


“A Different Kind of Empire?: Europe, East Asia, and Mainstream Conservatism in the Discourse of Russian Identity in the Early Twentieth Century.”

Zachary Hoffman, University of Virginia, zah3pn@virginia.edu


“Prince Georgii E. Lvov and the Failure of Russian Liberalism”

Dr. Thomas Earl Porter, North Carolina, A&T State University, portert@ncat.edu


“Republicanism and the Pamphlet Literature in 1917 Russia”

Ian Thatcher, University of Ulster, iandthatcher@hotmail.co.uk


Discussant: Rex Wade, George Mason University, rwade@gmu.edu


Panel 5.4: Relief Efforts in Europe and Siberia – Grand Kentucky- Salon B


Chair: Yining Sun, University of Virginia, ys2vf@virginia.edu


“Bor’ba: The Struggle with Cholera and Technology in Russia, 1890-1927”

John Davis, Hopkinsville Community College, jpdavi4@gmail.com


“Tsarist Humanitarianism and Balkan Entanglement: The Russian Red Cross and Relief Missions to Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Siberia, 1875-1878”

Andrew Ringlee, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, aringlee@email.unc.edu


Discussant: Jennifer Spock, Eastern Kentucky University, Jennifer.Spock@EKU.edu


Panel 5.5: Dimensions of Russian Influence in the Post-Soviet Space - Bluegrass Room- Salon B


Chair:  Charles E. Ziegler, University of Louisville, charles.ziegler@louisville.edu


“The Two Sovereignties: Negotiating Historically Divergent Conceptions of Sovereignty”

Stacy Clossin, University of Kentucky, stacy.closson@uky.edu

            William Stroupe, Georgetown School of Law, william.stroupe5@uky.edu


“Eurasia’s Russia Future”

Cassidy Henry, University of Kentucky, cassidy.henry@uky.edu

            Kate Miller, University of Kentucky, catherine.miller2@uky.edu


            “Kazakh Language Promotion and Identity Formation”

Paige Brewer, University of Louisville, paige.brewer@louisville.edu


Discussant: Charles E. Ziegler, University of Louisville, charles.ziegler@louisville.edu


Behind the Scenes Tour of Keeneland Racetrack and Distillery Tour at Buffalo Trace 1:00 pm

Meet in Hotel Lobby


Beach Blanket Bulgakov 6:00 pm

Dinner at Natasha's Cafe beginning at 6; a la carte menu

Play begins at 8


112 Esplanade Alley  (a 5 block walk from the hotel)