Formal Notices and Statements

The University of the South makes information available to students and employees as required by law. The reports provide information on topics ranging from campus safety to copyrights and peer-to-peer file sharing to financial aid. Links to the most recent versions of these reports and policies are below. Print copies of this information are available upon request from the Risk Management Office or as indicated in each announcement.  This Legal Notifications is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of all notices, only those required by law. Some information is cross-listed, consequently, it may be listed more than once.

Academic programs


Assistance for Disabilities

Conflicts of Interest

Consumer Disclosures

Consumer Disclosures


Domain Use & Policies


Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Statement


Employee Protection (Whistleblower) Policy


Emergency Procedures


Equity in Athletics Report

  • To see a copy or for more information, please contact the Office of the Director of Athletics in the Fowler Center. 

Intellectual Property, File Sharing and Copyright



Graduation Rates



Refund Information


Satisfactory Academic Progress


Safety and Security


Student Body Diversity

  • Additional data about Federal Pell Grant recipients and disaggregated graduation rates is available in the Office of Institutional Research in Cleveland Annex.


Student education records and privacy


Title IX


Transfer of credit policy


Tuition, fees, and financial aid


Students Rights and Responsibilities




Weapons Policy


Withdrawal Policy