Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather, the University has in place an Emergency Notification System to notify faculty, staff, students, and visitors of impending severe weather.

  • In the event of a TORNADO WATCH, Sewanee Police Dispatch will activate the Emergency Notification System. This will consist of an immediate email notification to faculty, staff, and students.

  • Should conditions worsen, a TORNADO WARNING will be activated. This notification will include text, email and SIREN. The siren will activate and produce three cycles of warning.


If you hear the siren or receive a severe weather text, email, or phone message:

  • Alert all building occupants of the impending weather.

  • Move quickly to a safe area indoors, preferably to a “shelter-in-place” location. This should be an interior hallway, a basement, or interior bathroom (interior spaces without windows).

  • Close all doors as you leave the area, especially those leading to exterior rooms.

  • Stay away from windows, doors, and exterior walls.

  • When moving to lower levels, remember to use the stairwells; elevators are not for use during emergency situations.

  • Do not go outdoors or attempt to outrun the storm.

  • Monitor local radio stations for weather updates.

  • Call 911 in the event that someone is injured or there is building damage caused by the weather.


If you are outdoors:

  • Stay away from possible hazards (power lines, traffic, trees, etc.).

  • Go quickly to the inside of a sturdy building.

  • Assume a fetal position and cover your head.

  • Wait for the weather to subside.

When all danger has passed, Westminster chimes will signal that all is clear and Sewanee Police Dispatch will send text, voice, and email with notification of the “all clear.”