Fire Emergency

Following are the procedures for responding to a fire at a facility:

  • Remove yourself from immediate danger.

  • Assist others in leaving the danger as long as it is safe to do so.

  • Confine the fire or smoke by closing doors and windows as you leave.

  • Activate the nearest fire alarm.

  • Call 911 using an off-campus or cellular phone. Provide the following information:

  • Building name

  • Floor and room number

  • Size or type of fire

  • Your location

  • Your name

  • Never attempt to use a portable fire extinguisher unless:

    • You have been properly trained.

    • You are not alone.

    • A safe escape route is present.

    • If any of these conditions are not present, simply close the door and evacuate.

  • To deploy a fire extinguisher, utilize the PASS technique:

    • Pull the pin

    • Aim at the base of the fire

    • Squeeze handle

    • Sweep back and forth

  • Evacuate through the nearest safe exit or exit stairwell.

  • Once assembled, help to account for persons and report to the emergency personnel if any occupants are unaccounted for and may still be in the building.

  • Remember that it is important to keep doors closed. Open doors can allow smoke to enter stairwells and exit hallways, severely jeopardizing safe evacuation and hampering efforts of fire department personnel.

If you hear an alarm:

  • Never assume the fire alarm is a false alarm.

  • Move to the safest exit or exit stairwell.

  • Close doors as you leave the area.

  • Exit the building.

  • Proceed to the evacuation assembly point.

  • Wait for further instructions from Sewanee Fire and Police Departments.

  • Do not re-enter the building until the building has been inspected by emergency personnel.

If trapped in your office or room:

  • Wedge cloth material along the bottom of the door to keep the smoke out.

  • Close as many doors as possible between you and the fire.

  • Call 911 if possible.

  • Break windows only as a last resort.

  • If necessary, signal through the window to let safety personnel know your location; otherwise, stay close to the floor.