Evacuation Procedures

Building occupants may be notified by the sound of the building fire alarm, by verbal instruction from staff or emergency personnel, or by self-evident hazardous conditions to evacuate the facility. Whenever notification is received, all personnel must evacuate.

  • All occupants should exit the building through the nearest safe exit or stairwell. Elevators should never be used in an emergency situation.

  • If the nearest exit or exit stairwell is obstructed by smoke, fire, or other hazards, proceed to an alternate exit.

  • During stairwell evacuation, remove high heels, and hold on to the handrail. Allow enough room for others to enter the flow of traffic in the stairwells.

  • Once outdoors, all occupants should move away from the building or as directed by staff or emergency personnel.

  • Individuals accompanying a person with special needs should assist him or her in exiting the building or notify emergency responders as to his or her location. Fire department personnel, who are trained in emergency rescue, can then enter the building and assist that person in exiting the building.

  • Building occupants should not re-enter the facility until cleared by Sewanee Fire and Police Departments.