The following applies to major earthquakes that cause strong shaking:

  • If indoors, drop, cover and hold. Protect yourself from falling objects such as light fixtures, books and shelves.

  • Stay away from windows.

  • If possible, get under a desk or table.

  • Do not stand in the doorway.

  • If outside, move away from structures, power lines or other possible hazards.

  • During the shaking, do not run for exits or attempt to leave the building.

  • Do not use elevators.


When the shaking stops:

  • Check for injuries to persons in your area. Do not attempt to move seriously injured persons unless they are in immediate danger.

  • Check the area for safety hazards such as building damage, fires, chemical spills, or gas leaks.

  • Exit the building.

  • Call 911 and report any serious injuries or other immediate emergencies.

  • Once you have exited the building, do not re-enter it until the building has been inspected by trained emergency personnel.

  • Use the in-house telephone only for emergency matters.