Domain Forum, Sept. 30th

As we continue to foster open communication concerning our relationship to the Domain, our first Domain Forum of this school year will be on Friday, September 30, at 4:30 PM at the Blue Chair (café side).  The goal of the forum is to offer an opportunity for broad, interdisciplinary conversation about a variety of topics; thus, we hope to have participation from all parts of the University and community.
At this forum, we will hear and learn from Ken Smith, Assistant Dean for the Environment, about the University's Demonstration Forest. Over the next five years, there will be a host of opportunities for students and community members to participate in having to do with the Demonstration Forest. For an example of a past initiative, please take a look at this video featuring the construction of the Sewanee Inn using organically grown wood from the Domain. The second half-hour will be reserved for questions, informal discussion and socializing. 

Drinks and snacks will be provided by Dean Papillon. We look forward to seeing you there!