How and when to apply to be a Speaking Fellow

Would you like to be a Faculty Speaking Fellow? During each of the five years of the QEP, at least five faculty members will be designated as Faculty Speaking Fellows for that year. Faculty Speaking Fellows will teach one or more courses with a public speaking component [Speaking (SP) courses] as part of Sewanee’s QEP: “Learning to Speak—Speaking to Learn.” These courses may be new courses you plan to teach or may involve restructuring or enhancing courses that you already teach. 

Working closely with the director and the assistant director of the Center for Speaking & Listening, Faculty Speaking Fellows will participate in a series of workshops, lunch seminars, and/or work sessions specifically designed to help them develop the knowledge, expertise, and tools necessary to teach and assess discipline-specific speaking concepts and skills to their students. Faculty Speaking Fellows will be given stipends to support the extra time they are devoting to developing the speaking-intensive components of their courses. (For more detailed information, refer to section 7.2 of the QEP, contact Sean O’Rourke, Melody Lehn, or Elizabeth Skomp, or visit the Sewanee QEP Website:

During the fellowship year, Faculty Fellows will be expected to meet as a group, on average, three times per month (Wednesdays during the lunch hour); participate in individual consultations as needed and requested; revise courses to make them “speaking intensive” and teach the revised courses at least once during the 2019-20 academic year; help create discipline-specific rubrics for speaking intensive activities; contribute to co- and extra-curricular speaking activities on campus; participate in speaking workshops at the Center for Teaching; present the results of their work at a Center for Teaching talk in the semester after the speaking-intensive course is taught; visit the Center for Speaking & Listening at least twice, once alone and other times with students in speaking classes; engage in discussions about technology and equipment that might enhance the teaching of speaking and listening; and participate in program and fellowship assessment.

To apply for a Faculty Fellowship in the 2019-20 academic year, please complete the application form here. The deadline for applications is Friday, February 15, 2019. Fellowships will be announced by February 25.