Speaking Across the Curriculum

The Speaking Across the Curriculum Initiative at Sewanee originates in the five-year Quality Enhancement Program: “Learning to Speak—Speaking to Learn.” Since the 2016-2017 academic year, at least five faculty members have been selected to be Faculty Speaking Fellows for that academic year.

Fellows teach one or more courses that are speaking-intensive. During the fellowship year, faculty meet several times a month for a series of workshops, lunch seminars, and work sessions specifically designed to help them develop the knowledge, expertise, and tools necessary to teach and assess discipline-specific speaking concepts and skills to their students. Faculty Speaking Fellows are awarded stipends to support the extra time they are devoting to developing the speaking-intensive components of their courses.

The call for applications to become a Faculty Speaking Fellow is announced in January each year, and proposals require a description and rationale for the speaking-intensive course faculty propose to teach.

2019-2020 Faculty Speaking Fellows

Liesl Allingham
Associate Professor and Chair of German
Speaking-Intensive Course: GRMN 203 ‒ Intermediate German

Anne Duffee
Assistant Professor of Math
Speaking-Intensive Course: MATH 330 ‒ History of Mathematics

Shana Minkin
Assistant Professor of International and Global Studies
Speaking-Intensive Course: IGS 314  ‒ The History of Current Events

Yanbing Tan
Assistant Professor of Chinese
Speaking-Intensive Courses: CHIN 103 ‒ Elementary Chinese, CHIN 203 ‒ Intermediate Chinese, and CHIN 301 ‒ Advanced Chinese

Kirk Zigler
Professor of Biology
Speaking-Intensive Courses: BIOL 333 & 334 ‒ Developmental Biology and BIOL 424 ‒ Senior Seminar


2018-2019 Faculty Speaking Fellows

Kristen Cecala
Assistant Professor of Biology and Co-Director of the Island Ecology Program
Speaking-Intensive Course: BIOL 424 Senior Seminar 

Elise Kikis
Associate Professor of Biology
Speaking-Intensive Course: BIOL 325 Biology of Aging  

Alison Miller 
Assistant Professor of Art and Art History 
Speaking-Intensive Course: ARTH 207 Arts of Asia

Clint Smith 
Assistant Professor Biology
Speaking-Intensive Course: BIOL 424 Senior Seminar


2017-2018 Faculty Speaking Fellows

Richard Apgar
Assistant Professor of German and German Studies
Speaking-Intensive Course: GRMN 311 and 312 – German Culture and Composition I and II 

Catherine Cavagnaro
Professor of Mathematics
Speaking-Intensive Course: MATH 416 – Algebraic Topology 

Yuliya Ladygina
Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian
Speaking-Intensive Course: RUSN 363 – Environmentalism and Ecocide in Russian Literature and Culture

Jessica Mecellem
Visiting Assistant Professor of Politics
Speaking-Intensive Course: POLS 222 – United States Foreign Policy 

Andrew Moser
Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Speaking-Intensive Course (with Brandy Tiernan): IGDI 101 – Intergroup Dialogues: Race and Class 

Eric Thurman
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Speaking-Intensive Course: RELG 143 – Introduction to the Bible I: Old Testament 

Brandy Tiernan
Assistant Professor of Psychology and Chair of Neuroscience Program
Speaking-Intensive Course (with Andrew Moser): IGDI 101 – Intergroup Dialogues: Race and Class


2016-2017 Speaking Fellows

Dan Backlund
Professor of Theater Arts
Speaking-Intensive Course: Theatre 114 – Elements of Design 

Andrea Hatcher
Associate Professor and Chair of Politics
Speaking-Intensive Course: POLS 337 – Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties 

Matt Irvin
Associate Professor of English and Chair of Medieval Studies
Speaking-Intensive Course: ENG 101 – Composition 

Angela Jordan
Teaching Professor in Spanish
Speaking-Intensive Course: SPAN 203 – Intermediate Spanish 

Karen Kuers 
Professor of Forestry
Speaking-Intensive Course: FORS 332 - Oral Presentations


Read more about the 2016-2017 Faculty Speaking Fellows and their speaking intensive courses here.