Sweepstakes Red Carris Adams

Courtesy Carris Adams

Artist talk and opening reception Friday, February 1 at 4:30 PM

The Carlos Gallery in the Nabit Art Building at University of the South is pleased to present Sweepstakes Red, an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Chicago artist Carris Adams. 

Sweepstakes Red presents a series of large scale paintings of text, language and imagery that recall signage indicative of specific cultures, neighborhoods or public spaces. Her work investigates markers such as advertisements, roads, residential structures and commercial structures and the relational threads between ownership in marginalized spaces and politics, class, histories and celebration and resilience. Adams uses bright colors and graphic symbols to visually investigate these signifiers of domesticated space and to pose questions about their associations. 

Presented on unstretched canvases, the paintings behave like posters or billboards, aligning themselves with hand-painted insignias found in local communities and neighborhoods. Removed from any specific location, the paintings rely on viewers’ recollection of spaces they may have one visited or inhabited, inviting them to consider how mere text and imagery may be indicators of location, race, class or gender. The conceptually multi-layered works ask viewers to recognize their assumptions, recall an experience and perhaps note how societal markers materialize in the landscape. 


The Carlos Gallery in the Nabit Art Building