The Rebels Rest Team

The Archaeology field team

Dr. Sarah C. Sherwood

(Project Director, University Archaeologist, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies).
Dr. Sherwood has over 25 years of experience in archaeology in the Old and New Worlds. Her specialty is in the archaeology of the Midsouth, and in Geoarchaeology. Her first historic archaeology dig was at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.


Dr. Stephen Carmody

Carmody(Domain Archaeology Post-Doctoral Fellow)
Dr. Carmody is a paleoenthobotanist.  While his primary research is focused on the origins of agriculture in the Eastern Woodlands, he also is interested in ritual and medicinal plant use.  His first experience with historical archaeology was at the Charlestown Landing site in Charleston, S.C.


Alexandra Friedl

(2015-2016 Archaeology Post Baccalaureate Fellow, Sewanee C'15)

Alex has worked on archaeological projects in the Southeastern United States and Ecuador. Her primary research interests include lithic technologies and prehistoric human relationships with the environment. Alex has accepted a position within the Fall 2016 Colorado State Graduate Anthropology program and plans to focus on applications of geospatial technologies in Mesoamerica.

Samantha G. Upton

(SEI Archaeological Field School Teaching Assistant)
Sam is an MA student in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Tennessee. She has worked on historic and prehistoric sites in Virginia and Tennessee. Her research focuses on the archaeology of the mid 19th century upland south.

Jane E. Millar

(2014-2015 Archaeology Post Baccalaureate Fellow, Sewanee C’14)
Jane worked on the early phases of Rebel’s Rest Research with Drs. Sherwood and Smith. She has experience on archaeological projects on the Cumberland Plateau, West Tennessee, the Yazoo Basin, and in Tuscany, Italy.  She is currently an MA student in archaeology at the University of Alabama.

Dr. Gerald Smith

(Project Historiographer, Professor of Religion)
Dr. Smith has been involved in historical field studies for more than twenty years. He has extensive knowledge of log structures including vernacular houses, barns, and outbuildings. He is also a student of rural stonework including agricultural field walls and cemeteries.

Rachel Rodgers

(Archival Assistant and Summer Intern)
Rachel was a principal researcher for the life of Cornelius Kennerly whose unmarked grave was restored by the 2013 Finding Your Place (FYP) class. Rachel recently did an extensive search for and recovered the lost day book of William Ensign for 1866 which includes the labor and materials accounts for the building of Rebel's Rest.

Dr. Scott J. Torreano

(Professor of Forestry)
Dr. Torreano is interested in all aspects of forested ecosystems, from soils to tree tops.  His primary work involves the relationships connecting forest productivity, soils and their environment, especially in old-growth forests.  Those factors are being further explored using dendroecology, the study of how tree rings and climate can answer ecological questions.

Patrick Vestal

(Post-Baccalaureate Fellow, Sewanee C’12)
Patrick first became involved with dendrochronology (“tree-ring” science) during a summer internship following his freshman year.  Since then he has focused his research on age, successional patterns, and disturbance events of the old-growth forest at nearby Savage Gulf and the Hill tract forest in Nashville, and log house dating. He is currently a Staff Scientist for an environmental consulting firm.