Photo collage from summer 2016 excavations at Rebel's Rest by the SEI Archaeological Field School
Excavations Continue at Rebel's Rest!

June 27, 2016
The SEI Field School in Archaeology continues excavations at Rebel's Rest during Summer 2016!

Rebel's Rest at the Society for American Archaeology Conference

May 16, 2016
On April 7, 2016, Post Baccalaureate Fellow Alex Friedl (Sewanee C'15) presented a poster about Rebel's Rest at the 81st Annual Meeting for the Society of American Archaeology in Orlando, Florida.

Cross-mending a Chamber Pot from Rebel’s Rest

March 22, 2016
We have been successful in cross-mending the majority of a chamber pot from Rebel’s Rest. When the ceramic pieces were initially excavated, we thought they represented heavy tableware, but refitting the pieces revealed another story. Its round shape and wide phalange (or vessel edge) reveal it to be a chamber pot.

Rachel Rodgers
Adventures in Archives by Rachel Rodgers (C'17)

September 21, 2015
Rachel Rodgers (C'17) shares her adventures as she delves into the University Archives to recover information on the histories of the Polk and Fairbanks families at Rebels Rest.

"Explore Rebels Rest"

July 22, 2015
Friday July 31, 9am - 2pm. Tours (approx. 30 minutes long) will be available to the public. All are welcome to come and hear an overview of the Polk and Fairbanks history of the site, updates on the various research projects related to the site, and see the Rebels Rest excavation in progress.

Archaeology Volunteer Opportunities at Rebels Rest

July 1, 2015
We welcome community volunteers to take part in the excavations and artifact processing at Rebel's Rest.

SEI Field School team photo
Sewanee Environmental Institute Archaeological Field School 2015

June 1, 2015
This year the SEI Archaeological Field School divided their time between working on part of the Pinson site (2000 year old Middle Woodland site) and Rebels Rest (19th century home site of founding fathers of the University).

Probing for the past between Rebel’s Rest and Abbo’s Alley

June 1, 2015
Jane Millar (C’14) concluded her post-baccalaureate year working with students in Dr. Sherwood's North American Archaeology class to systematically survey the forested slopes behind Rebel's Rest.

“Learning from Logs” by Jane E. Millar C’14, Post Baccalaureate Fellow 2014-15

May 11, 2015
My role in the Rebel’s Rest project began as an effort to document its architecture, using methods I learned for a research internship my junior year at Sewanee. However, it quickly evolved into a crash course in what Mr. Hix designated “Logology.”

GPR - Archaeology without a trowel

May 1, 2015
On April 27, the Rebel’s Rest research team, led by Archaeo-geophysics specialist Stephen Yerka, conducted geophysical survey in the yard area north of the house.

"A Hidden Garden..." by Mary Priestly

April 30, 2015
Mary Priestly and Margaret Woods have joined the Rebels Rest Research team to reconstruct the vegetation around the grounds at Rebels Rest. Here is a first glimpse at what they are learning (kindly loaned by the University of the South Herbarium Newsletter).

Tree Rings tell Tales

April 15, 2015
The logs of Rebel’s Rest have been the subject of an ongoing dendrochronological study by Professor of Forestry Scott Torreano and Patrick Vestal (C’12).