William Ralston Listening Library
as of January 2020


Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF Loudspeakers


PBN Audio Olympia AX Mono Power Amplifiers

PBN Audio Olympia  LXi Preamplifier

Ayre MX-R Twenty Monoblock Amplifiers

Ayre KX-R Twenty Preamplifier


PBN GrooveMaster Vintage Direct DP7 Turntable

Kuzma 4Point Tonearm (balanced)

    SME 312 9-inch Tonearm (unbalanced)

PBN Audio Olympia PXi Phono Preamplifier


Ayre/Bauer DPS Turntable

Bauer DPS Tonearm (balanced)

Sutherland Phono Blocks


VPI Classic 2 Turntable

3 VPI JMW 10.5 Tonearms (unbalanced)

Ayre P-5xe Phono Preamplifier


Lyra Etna Phono Cartridge

Koetsu Coralstone Cartridge

Koetsu Black Cartridge

Miyajima Shilabe Cartridge

Miyajama Mono BE Cartridge

Audio Technica AT33EV Cartridge

PS Audio Direct Stream DAC

PS Audio Direct Stream Memory Player

Ayre DX-5 Universal Disc Player

Bricasti M1 DAC

Weiss INT202 Firewire Interface


Silver Audio 20-amp Power Cables

PBN 75-Ohm BNC cables

Cardas Interconnects and Cardas Clear Loudspeaker Cables

Wireworld Platinum USB

Audioquest Firewire

Nordost Silver Shadow S/PDIF

John Marks Esperanto Audio S/PDIF

Soundstring HDMI


Grand Prix Audio Silverstone Equipment Rack


Equi=Tech 10WQ Balanced Power Supply