Rental Housing Information and Application

The Office of Rental Housing manages 127 rental housing units occupied by faculty, staff, married undergraduates, and graduate students of the University of the South. These units are all located on “the domain” and are within one mile of the central campus. They range in size from one-bedroom apartments to five bedroom houses.
Standard Features:
            1) Structure: The majority of the University’s rental houses and apartments were solidly built in the 1950’s and are made of stone quarried on the mountain.   The rest are brick or wood frame structures of varying ages. Although very few units have basements of any size, most do have attic storage space. Garages are rare. 
            2) Interiors: A soft off-white color is used to paint the interiors of all rental units. For maintenance reasons, unit color cannot be altered. The University provides a stove and refrigerator. Dishwashers are provided in many units. All apartments and houses, except the one-bedroom units, are equipped with washer/dryer hook-ups.  Laundry facilities are provided for the one-bedroom units.
Security & Key Deposits:
            A unit deposit of $300.00 and a key deposit of $10.00 are required of all tenants. The key deposit is refunded upon return of the keys, and the unit deposit is refunded if the tenant leaves the unit clean and in good condition with no damages beyond ordinary wear and tear. If a tenant is not directly affiliated with the University of the South, he/she will be required to submit, in addition to the $300 unit deposit, a security deposit equal to one month's rent.
Pets and Pet Deposits:
            Typical household pets (dogs, cats, gerbils, fish, etc.) are permitted in most University rental units provided that permission to house a pet is requested in advance and pets are properly cared for and not allowed to become a nuisance. Rental Housing reserves the right to limit the total number of pets in a unit or prohibit pets in some units. Tenants with pets are required to complete a Pet Registration Form, receive approval from the Rental Housing Administrator, and pay any deposits required before the pet is acquired or moved to rental housing. A pet deposit of $200.00 is required for each dog, cat or ferret. Pet owners are responsible for any damage to the unit, the grounds, or the property of others that is caused by pets. This includes the cost of spraying for fleas after the tenant has moved out.  Pet deposits will be used to cover the costs of these damages and any costs not covered by the deposit will be billed to the tenant. A copy of the Dog Control Policy will be provided to all new tenants upon arrival.
Maintenance and Lawn Care:
            The Office of Rental Housing has its own maintenance staff, which is responsible for repairs and maintenance of University rental units. A system is in place for tenants to report general and emergency repair requests.
            Lawn care is provided for units located in the Woodlands area and in a few other areas. For other units, the tenant is responsible for mowing the lawn, raking leaves, and keeping the grounds in good order
            In order to facilitate painting, repairs and maintenance required during the transition period between tenants, and to aid tenants with the process of moving in, the University keeps water and electric service turned on in its rental units during vacancies. New tenants are expected to make arrangements to change the utilities over to their names within five (5) working days after they arrive. Failure to make the appropriate arrangements will result in loss of utility service and a charge for the cost of utilities provided during the period the tenant should have paid those charges. Please consider the following deposit information for your use and moving plans:
1)       Duck River Electric Membership Corporation (DREMC) (931-598-5228): A minimum deposit of $200.00 and a membership fee of $20.00 are required for electrical hook-up. DREMC will waive the deposit fee if a credit check is found to be acceptable. The fee for the credit check is $5. 
2)       Sewanee Utility District (SUD) (931-598-5611): For water hook-up, a $30.00 non-refundable connection fee is required. You should also be aware that water/sewer rates in Sewanee are considered by some to be expensive! For example, it would be normal for a water-conservative couple living in a two-bedroom unit to receive a $40.00 monthly water bill
3)       Elk River Public Utility District (ERPUD) (931-967-3642): If your rental unit is served by natural gas, there is a $50.00 non-refundable connection fee and a refundable $100.00 security deposit. New tenants MUST bring a signed copy of their lease when they apply for gas service
4)       Garbage/Recycling collection: Garbage is picked up from rental units on a weekly schedule. The rate for residential garbage pick-up is currently $23.50 per month. This rate for garbage collection and curbside recycling and it is subject to change. All tenants and leaseholders in Sewanee are required to pay the garbage collection fee, which is billed by the University.
5)       Telephone service: Telephone service for University rental units is provided through the University phone system. The $18 cost of basic monthly service is included in your rent. One telephone set is provided for each rental unit and tenants may use their own standard telephone sets for additional extensions within the unit. The Office of Telecommunications will bill long distance calls to the tenant separately. There is a $50.00 installation and activation fee for EACH phone line.
6)       Charter Communication(866-472-2200): A variety of cable TV service packages and DSL are available from this company. Rental units are already cabled. Connection fees and package selections vary in cost.
7)       Gary’s Satellite (931-967-5681): Provides satellite and DSL packages. Some areas of the Domain experience the inability to receive satellite due to heavily forested areas. A representative from the company is available to verify if satellite is an option in a specific tenant location. Connection fees and package selections vary in cost.
Assignment Procedure:
            Faculty, staff, graduate students, and married undergraduates are matched with available University rental units using an established priority system. Current tenants are given the opportunity to change rental units and current employees, graduate students and married undergraduates who wish to move from private housing to University rentals are given the opportunity to do so before housing assignments to newcomers are made. The deadline for current residents to request housing changes is set in February of each year. Assignments are then made to new incoming faculty members and staff using a priority system that takes into account the family size, nature of work, level of the position, and whether or not the term of employment is for a limited period. Once assignments are made to faculty and staff using this system, housing assignments are made for graduate and married undergraduate students.
            Housing matches for graduate students are made after the student has accepted the offer for admission. They are prioritized based upon the date that the seminary receives the student's written acceptance of admission. Acceptances received on the same date are prioritized based on the date of the housing application. An effort is made to match the needs of the student with the housing available. Graduate student housing assignments for the fall semester will generally be made by mid-May for all students who have returned the acceptance of the offer of admission by April 1st. Students whose applications are completed after that date will be offered housing on a first come basis as long as resources are available.
            Married undergraduates, faculty and staff seeking housing outside the regular assignment schedule, and graduate students who apply late will all be assigned housing on an “as-available” basis taking into consideration their needs and the priorities of the University.
            Housing matches are made based upon the information that prospective tenants provide in their Rental Housing application. Wherever possible, we attempt to offer a prospective tenant a choice between available units, and communicate via e-mail or phone to reach a final decision about their housing match. Prospective tenants are then mailed an assignment letter, which includes specific detailed information about the unit being offered. To secure the unit being offered, the prospective tenant then follows the instructions provided in the housing assignment letter. Acceptance of the housing offer requires that the acceptance letter be returned to the office of Rental Housing within a two week period after receipt, accompanied by a $300 unit deposit and a $50.00 phone activation fee. If a prospective tenant chooses to decline his assignment after July 1, the University reserves the right to retain the unit deposit fee.
If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Rental Housing Office @ (931) 598-1922 or via fax (931) 598-1416.                                                               
Name of Applicant: _________________________         Application Date: ____________________
Present Address: ___________________________        Home Phone: ______________________
                            ___________________________         Work Phone:   ______________________
                           ___________________________          E-mail Address: ____________________
Department: __________________________     Title of Position: ____________________
Check applicable categories:
            ____  Tenure-track
            ____  Sabbatical replacement for ________________________ (indicate time period)
            ____ Temporary appointment for _______________________(indicate time period)
            ____ Regular employment (indefinite term)
Anticipated Arrival Date:  ________________
Check applicable categories:
____  Married undergraduate, class of ______ (Requires prior permission from the Office of Residential Life)
            ____  Regular 3 year M. Div
            ____  1 yr. Anglican Studies
            ____ Other, please specify: _______________________________
Dates you will be enrolled: ____________________________________
Anticipated Arrival Date _________________
Number of residents:
Adults   _______
Do you, or anyone who will be residing with you, smoke?   ______ yes       _______no
Pet Registration Information
Cats _______    Dogs_______    Other______
The University of the South reserves the right to permit and limit the number of pets in a unit.
1) Would you prefer a house _____, apartment ______, either is fine ______.
 (Note: Houses are typically more expensive than apartments, and small houses are in short supply.)
2) Minimum number of bedrooms REQUIRED: _______ Number preferred: ________
(Note: We sometimes do not have housing with extra bedrooms available to assign to singles or      couples with no children.)
3) Minimum number of bathrooms REQUIRED: ______   Number preferred: _______
4) Maximum monthly rental amount you are willing to consider: $_______ (Please provide an estimated amount to assist our department regarding placement options)
5) Will you require a furnished unit? ____ yes ____ no (Note: Very few furnished units are available and are generally reserved for short term tenant accommodations)
Are there any special needs or circumstances that should be considered, i.e. handicap accessibility, severe allergies, etc. (please be specific about your needs):
Please feel free to comment on ANY aspect of housing that you feel is particularly important to you or your family:
I have read the information provided in this application and hereby request University rental housing. I understand that this application will not become active until a) EMPLOYEES: I have officially accepted an offer of employment by the University and have met all employment requirements or b) STUDENTS: I have officially accepted an offer of admission to the University.
Date: _________________     Signed: _________________________________________________
Please return the completed application to:
Office of Rental Housing
The University of the South
735 University Avenue
Sewanee, TN 37383-0001
(931) 598-1416 Fax   (931) 598-1922 Office
Date application received in RH office: ________________
Date application sent to SOT (if applicable)­­­­­_____________
Date offer of admission or employment accepted: _____________