Dog Control Policy

Dog Control Policy
April 2001 Revision
                Dogs have long been welcome members of the Sewanee community, and we have been fortunate to have, for the most part, well behaved dogs. As the community has grown, and as legal requirements have changed, the Community Council and the University have revised the Dog Control Policy to meet these changes. This revised policy is effective June 1, 2001. As in the past, individuals are urged to notify a dog’s owner of any complaints regarding a particular dog prior to involving the Sewanee Police Department.
  1. All dogs must be under obvious and effective control of their owners at all times while on the Domain. Obvious and effective control normally means that an owner must be within immediate sight and sound of his or her dog at all times. The Sewanee Police Department will determine whether a dog is under its owner’s control within the meaning of this policy. Any dog not under its owner’s control is subject to pick up by the Sewanee Police Department, and the owner is subject to fine in the direction of the Sewanee Police Department.
  1. No dogs other than guide dogs are allowed in University buildings, and the Sewanee Police will pick up and hold all dogs found in University buildings.
  1. The Police will also pick up and hold all dogs, whether or not under an owner’s control, constituting a public hazard or nuisance. Examples include dogs snapping at, biting, or otherwise threatening walkers, joggers, bike-riders, other animals, etc. Any person who is threatened or attacked should (1) inform the dog’s owner, if known, and (2) notify the Sewanee Police. The Police will make a reasonable effort to notify the owner of any dog pick up.
  1. Fees and Fines: An owner who is found not to have a dog under control is subject to a $15 fine for the first offense, a $50 fine for a second offense, and $100 for a third and subsequent offenses. A fee of $25 per day will be charged when a dog is picked up and taken to the Sewanee pound. A dog whose owner cannot be identified within 5 days from pick up will be sent to the Franklin County Pound. A dog picked up a third time within a calendar year will be taken immediately to the Franklin County Pound.
Owners of dogs judged by the Sewanee Police to be public nuisance or hazard (see C above) will be subject to a $100 fine for the first offense, and the owner must provide satisfactory evidence that the dog will the adequately secured at all times. A $250 fine will be charged for the second offense, and the dog shall be removed from the Domain in the event of a third offense. Upon the recommendation of the Sewanee Police, a dog that has made a vicious mauling attack or has engaged in a second biting offense shall be removed from the Domain immediately.
                Fees and fines not paid within thirty days will be deducted from an employee’s pay or billed to a student’s account. All others who fail to pay fees or fines will have their dogs permanently removed from the Domain.
  1. Watch dogs kept by leaseholders must be securely fenced in at all times and adequate warning signs posted. The number of such dogs is limited to two.
  1. Leaseholders raising dogs, other than a casual litter, may be required to obtain a special permit from the Sewanee Police for this purpose.
  1. Pit Bulls are not allowed on the Domain.
  1. This policy will be published each year in the Messenger, placed in student information packets, and given to new University renters and leaseholders.