Sewanee Physics Alumni Mc-Z

A-Do Dr-Ma Mc-Z

1997 McBride, Will      
1984 McDonald, John Robert      
1974 McGee, William      
1974 Miller, Thomas      
1989 Miller, Leanne Florida International University M.S. in Biology Marine Biologist with the Department of Environmental Protection
1984 Miller, Susan      
1965 Minch, Charles      
1992 Mistry, Dinshaw University of Illinois at Chicago Ph.D. Philosophy Assistant Professor of Politics at University of Cincinnati
1996 Mitchell, Jeffrey   Physics Air Defense Systems Department at John Hopkins University and currrent Lieutenantt in the Naval Reserves
1972 Mobley, Joe Dick      
1999 Morgan, Cory      
1993 Morris, Lent      
1994 Oka, Kenzo      
1968 Patterson, Robert      
1986 Patton IV, John Perry Georgia Tech B.S. in Civil Engineering Project Engineer at Tetra Tech, Foster Wheeler Environmental Corp.
2002 Payne, Robert      
1970 Pindzola, Michael      
1980 Pittman, Michael      
1988 Puckette, Paul (Trap)      
1991 Purdom, Elizabeth      
1970 Rhodes, Allan      
1997 Riemer, Rachel      
1995 Sandanayake, Asitha      
1972 Sanders, George Larry      
1994 Schmidt, Val     Field Research Engineer at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
1997 Schrader, Lucas      
1991 Senanayake, Mahasen Sanjeeva     Executive Director of CIBC World Markets Corp.
1987 Shankle, Steven University of Tennessee Doctor of Medicine Anesthesiologist at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, TN
1978 Shriner Jr., John Duke University Ph.D. in Physics Faculty Member in Dept. of Physics at TTU
1996 Siddiqi, Umar Mohiuddin      
1974 Snyder, James