A Cappella Extravaganza

Sewanee a cappella ensembles and Fairfield Four & Rooftop Records

The concert offers brilliant a cappella performances. The Grammy Award–winning Fairfield Four is best known for its contributions to the movie and soundtrack O Brother, Where Art Thou?. Rooftop Records, whose members have won a combined five medals in the International Collegiate Quartet Competition among them, also sing. This award-winning ensemble is passionate about music education and has been pathbreaking in its expansion of the a cappella repertory. A cappella groups from Sewanee will also be heard. The Cambiata, Cadence, and Key of D groups perform after a day of rehearsals with Rooftop Records.


Rooftop Records: www.rooftoprecordsquartet.com
Fairfield Four: www.thefairfieldfour.com


No tickets required.


Guerry Auditorium