Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Q: How do I find a caterer? Where do I make reservations for dinner?
A: We created a webpage with a listing for all local caterers and restaurants at

Q: Where can I stay?
A: Look early! We have a listing of houses and cabins to rent and hotels at

Q: Where may I order an academic gown?
A: The University Bookstore! You may reach the bookstore at 931.598.1153. Financial assistance is available through the Order of the Gownsmen.

Q: Who handles special access?
A: Guests in need of special arrangements on the Quad may call Heather Brewer in the Alumni & Parent Relations Office at 931.598.1633 or email

Q: Where is the Commencement Desk? Is this where I pick up all my tickets?
A: The Commencement Desk is located at the McGriff Alumni House on Georgia Avenue. This is where you pick up all tickets for the weekend.

Q: Are there restrictions on bringing backpacks into the Commencement service?
A: No backpacks or large bags will be allowed in the Tent on the Quad during the Commencement service.