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Please read through the following candidates' statements of intent.
Bear in mind that you will be selecting one candidate for the Honor Council and five candidates for the Student Senate (SGA).

Freshmen have an email from OG@sewanee.edu that gives instructions on how to vote.

Freshmen Student Senate Candidates

Sloan Taylor

I, Sloan Taylor, intend to run for a seat on the Senate. I would like the opportunity to help Sewanee, and feel that the best way to do so would be in the Senate. I ought to be elected because I try to always uphold values that I feel represent both Sewanee and myself in a good light. Also, I believe I have a well-rounded basis so as to provide a better understanding of a larger proportion of the student body.
Birpartap Singh
I, Birpartap Singh, would like to represent the Class of 2015 on the Student Senate. I am a good choice for this position because of my previous involvement as a student government officer, tennis team captain, leadership club, YELL (Youth Excelling in Learning Leadership), and as one of the 4 chairs on the Gentleman’s Association while in high school. I am a trustworthy, responsible, a good communicator and negotiator, and I have represented my school many times. At Sewanee I am part of the Tiger Tennis Team and Sewanee Crew Team and looking forward to joining several more student organizations. I have enjoyed every minute since my arrival on the Mountain just over a month ago. The University is a great place and I want to have a hand in making it even better then it already is. I would love to have the chance to represent the Class of 2015, so vote for me to make your voice heard in the Student Senate. YSR!

Jane Bartlett Pappas
My name is Jane Bartlett Pappas, and I am running for a position on the Student Government Association. I want to be a part of the Senate because I am interested in getting involved in and helping to organize the student activities around campus. I want to do my part and make great things happen here at Sewanee. In high school, I was an SGA representative my freshman and sophomore year, Vice-President my junior year, and President my senior year. I have plenty of experience in knowing what the student body wants and doing my best to make that happen. I am a dedicated and hard working person, so I hope the freshmen class will vote for me to become a freshman senator.

Miller Morrow
I should be elected as a student senator because I have strong problem solving skills that will be put to good use in the student government. I can work through tough situations with a content outcome for any parties involved. I am the first person to turn to when old methods are just not working any more and new ideas are needed in order to maintain a successful campus. WIth these creative problem solving skills, I should be at the top choice for this position. I have had experience founding, and leading a community service club in high school and I have also had the privilege of serving my high school's german club as vice-president. 

Alejandro Macias 
Hello class of 2015. My name is Alejandro Macias and I would like to be your senator. As class senator I hope to represent the entire freshmen class of 2015 with integrity. I plan to create effective policies to improve Sewanee on behalf of the freshmen class, by listening to your needs and opinions. Electing me would mean leadership, experience, and honesty.

Kate Lafferrandre
There are some things at Sewanee that orientation and alcohol.edu can't prepare you for; certain unspoken rules dictated by experience, upperclassmen, and tradition. To name a few: DON'T drink the punch, just don't. Generally, your laptop will sit tight if you need to get up and checkout a book, but be careful where you leave your bike. At Sewanee, the bathroom is all around you, just check for poision ivy first. Remeber those first few weeks of school when you naively sat at the front tables in McClurg? the ones claimed by fraternities and sororities? yeah... 

Well, i can't exactly claim that i know Sewanee inside and out, and like most freshmen, i'm still adjusting. But i love it here, and it's hard to resist such a great opportunity to get involved. During high school, i participated in french club, health club, and art club as well as helped to plan charitiy events. These organizations required me to communicate with the administration, and creatively solve problems in order to achieve whatever goal we happened to be working towards. As a student senator, i would stay true to the interests of my class and work hard to improve life at Sewanee!

Alexandra George
My name is Alexandra George, and I am a first- year intended economics major from Charleston, West Virginia.  I was involved in a number of activities and organizations throughout my high school career, including Student Council and Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY).  I was a class representative for three years in high school and was elected Student Body President during my senior year.  As the Student Body President, I worked very closely with my school’s faculty and staff to help plan school-wide events like remembrance walks and activities for the student body.  In HOBY, I was given the chance to meet with student leaders across the state and was able to talk with leaders in the community about topics such as volunteer work, media, education, and politics.

I believe my previous experience can help me adequately represent the class of 2015 in the Student Senate.  As your representative, I hope to communicate your concerns, ideas, and questions to the administration and other students and give you a platform to have your voices heard.  I will be sure to listen to your perspectives and ask for your input, and hopefully I can help move ideas into reality.   I hope you choose me to be a representative of our class on the Student Senate, and I look forward to working with all of you to make our first year the best it can be. 

Audrey Coppock-Seal
I, Audrey Coppock-Seal, intend to run for a position in the Student Government Organization’s Senate. Although my high school did not have much of a student government, I ran for, and won a seat on the events planning committee junior year. More importantly, I had the opportunity to help lobby a bill in the Tennessee State Legislature all four years of high school, as a volunteer for the non-for profit group LEAF (Lindquist Environmental Appalachian Fellowship). I lobbied a bill restricting the use of mountain top removal coal mining on the Cumberland Plateau. Through my work with LEAF I have become infatuated with the political process. I plan to be an Environmental Policy major, and someday be elected to a political office myself. I believe that learning about the differing opinions of students concerning key issues within the school will help me learn how to understand the grievances of any constituents I may have in the future. I would be honored to represent the interests of the freshman class in The Senate this year.

Fleming Beaver
There comes a time in human history when man must rise up against the tyranny of society, cast aside the prejudices and injustices of the past, and strive for a better tomorrow, no matter the cost.  There comes a time when we must stand with our brothers and sisters and do what is right, not what is easy, and not what is convenient.  Fortunately, we all attend the University of the South, so we don’t have any of these problems.  However, while Sewanee is one Scarlett Johansson short of perfection, unmatched throughout the history of mankind, this is not to say it cannot be improved.  I seek to promote and add to the excellence of Sewanee in the way I can best, and this is why I, Fleming Beaver, seek a position as a Freshman Senator.  Sewanee is home, but more than that it is a place which unifies its students in love and honor, and to aid in its greatness is a task I would gladly take upon.  I believe my experiences in high school working with Model United Nations, National Honor Society, and Service Club will help me to serve Sewanee to the best of my ability, and I am eager to assist the school in any way I can.

Taylor Baird
Dear Fellow Students,

Thank you so much for letting me introduce myself to you. My name is Taylor Baird and I am a first year student from Hendersonville, North Carolina. I was involved in a number of activities and organizations in high school, including Student Government, Pep Club, and Mitchell Cabinet (student community service organization). I attended two different high schools during my career, one being a large public school and the second a small, close-knit private school. During my Freshman and Sophomore years at East High I served as class Vice President and President respectively. I spent my Junior and Senior years at The Asheville School where I was a member and President of Mitchell Cabinet. Over the past four years I have enjoyed planning and executing a number of events, including homecoming, school assemblies, pep rallies, and many service activities within the school and the community. Attending a school with a relatively large student body as well as a small school taught me the skills to manage large groups and events but also the importance of tradition and of community.

I believe my experiences demonstrate that I have shown the leadership necessary to properly represent you in the Student Senate here at Sewanee. As one of your five class representatives, I hope to communicate your concerns, comments, and questions and get answers. Whether it is in the dorm, dining hall, classroom, or simply walking around campus, I will make sure I get to know you, listen to your point of view, and seek out your input. I hope you choose me to be one of your representatives to the Student Senate and I truly look forward to working with all of you to make our first year the best it can be. YSR!!!

James Adams
Class of 2015, I’m James P. Adams and I’m from Fredericksburg, Virginia. In high school I gained a lot of student government and leadership experience while working with the Student Council Association, Key Club, Young Republicans, Latin Club, Students Against Destructive Decisions, and school newspaper.  I feel that I fully live up to the ideals that make up Sewanee and I look forward to being given the chance to represent the University of the South Class of 2015. Thank you.

Freshmen Honor Council Candidates

Miracle Woods
*I am Fair with sincere motives!
*I Value the Honor Code!
*I want to be of Service to my classmates!

Pete Thomas
I would like the opportunity to run for the Freshman seat on the Honor Council. Through my experience in Scouting and through day to day life, I have learned what honor means and how it can create such a positive atmosphere around those who carry it. Sewanee's Honor Code is vital to the Sewanee way of life and, I believe, is the most important institution here. By living my own life with honor, I hope to be able to lead my classmates to themselves lead better lives, benefitting both them and society as a whole. Thank you for your consideration. YSR.
Kathe Richter
Some say Germans are direct. Others say we are rude. I like to think we are simply determined; determined to be truthful, regardless of what labels society places upon us. I am Kathe from Germany and I am stating my intent to run for the freshman spot on the honor council. I am trustworthy, fair, and honest. Throughout my travels I have been to Israel, Thailand, Russia, Poland, and Austria, and seen the devastation oppression and dishonesty can breed. Though we are not a third world country in need of rescue, I would still like to think I could make a difference at Sewanee by upholding its Honor Code to the best of my abilities. A great man once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.“ Einstein was German and so am I. We share both a nationality and a vision for a brighter future. A vision which I hope to share with you as freshman representative on the Honor Council.

Malcolm Richards
I intend for the one freshman spot on the Honor Council. I acknowledge the amount of time that this position could take up but I feel that I am ready to take upon the challenge. One of the reasons why I came to Sewanee was due to its Honor Code, a simple statement that is held dearly by everyone student, past, present and future. It holds no only us to the highest of standards but it also challenges us to hold others to those standards. I feel that I am able to represent the freshman class on this Honor Council because I will be able to uphold the integrity of the Honor Code, and make sure the rest of the school does the same. As without the Honor Code we are no different from other colleges, although still significantly better looking. Additionally the Honor Code should be something that everyone ingrains in their own moral beliefs, as it covers the basic’s of human to human interaction, and should govern our ways of life.
Paniz Rezaeerod
I, Paniz Rezaeerod, intend to run for the freshman position on the Honor Council. Through my experience with various honor organizations in high school, I firmly believe I'll be able to make a positive contribution to the group's work and intentions of enforcing the code.

Obianuju Okonkwo
      My name is Obianuju Okonkwo and I am writing this statement to express my sincere interest in obtaining a position as Freshman Honor Council Member. I have had the pleasure to talk to a current Honor Council member and others who have ran for similar positions (Senate) and know that I am up for the challenge, dedication, and time this will require of me.  

 As a student who has never heard or been asked to uphold a honor code in any academic level prior coming to Sewanee, I am still confident in my skill set to accomplish this demanding role. I state this claim with unwavering faith because honor is not something that is easily taught. Honor is the good, moral character and values of someone when no one else is looking. Honor is a trait that must be constantly practiced and undertaken in order to perfect. Having the ability to constantly see such a code challenged or upheld will give me the possibility to constantly learn from a living document; to constantly learn what it means to be a Sewanee Undergraduate Student and how to uphold the Honor Code.   

 Sewanee's Honor Code makes us students constantly aim for a high level of personal achievement without the unsolicited help of others or in devious manners. I personally have always tried to live my life in such a manner. When ever one else around me would cheat, lie, or steal in order to do better on a exam, get an extension on a project, or get something valuable to impress others with, I would always take a stand against such devious ways. I would always be the one to deny those cheaters any aid, tell the truth even if I shall be affected by the outcome and never think of taking something, without asking, that did not belong to me. 

 As a member of my High School's mock trial team, I am very knowledgeable of the court system procedures. Granted that this is not a mock trail and things may be ran differently, I still know that being impartial, holding a sense of confidentiality and respect is key to the way the Honor Council is ran. I hope to be a bring new ideology in the council. I hope to bring fresh ideas and rational that has yet to be brought. If elected, I hope to also teach my fellow classmates what it truly means to uphold such a Code in our everyday dealings, not just academically. As Student Government President of my High School, I have had experience in dealing with constituents and letting their voices not just carry a presence but make a change. I am a very approachable person who will always take into consideration who I am representing as a member of the Honor Council- not only myself, the University, but also my fellow classmates.  

 I know that being a member of the Honor Council will take a huge portion of my time and effort but I am willing to sacrifice all that I need to in order to better learn about our Code, our University, and what it truly means to be a Sewanee Tiger.

Andrew Domingoes
Hello, my name is Andrew Domingoes, and I am running to be your freshman representative on the Honor council this year. I would be truly honored if you gave me the opportunity to represent you. I feel that I am qualified to be on the honor council because of my commitment to upholding the values in the honor code on both a personal and school-wide level. I believe that the honor code not only defines us as individuals but also as a community. In other words, what separates us from other schools all across the country is that our school is centered around a system of trust, not only to the university but to each other. Once again thank you for taking the time to consider my candidacy and remember, "Yeah Sewanee's Right!"

Ava Conner
Honor is a concept which I have held in the highest esteem my entire life – I have always expected honorable actions from myself and those around me. I worked in various governing positions in high school honor societies and hope to continue here at Sewanee. As freshman representative, I hope to improve community discussion about problems in academics and work to prevent them. I want to help our class be the best one this magnificent place has ever seen. I'm here to help you. Class of 2015, I've already dedicated myself to honor; all I need now is your support. Thank you.

John Cochran
Hello, My name is John Cochran and I would like to run for a spot to serve as a representative of the Freshman Honor Council. I have never been on a council or committee such as an honor or disciplinary council, but I have seen many cases from the outside. Through four years of boarding school I saw as people, friends and others, went in front of either or both of these committees. More times than not, I was surprisingly disappointed in what the eventual outcome was, and each and every time, I felt as though I had a better understanding of what had really happened and that I could have made a significant impact on the outcome of the case. I saw many times as justice and essentially the "true story" went overlooked or misinterpreted. That  left me truly unhappy each and every time. Essentially, I am running for the honor council because I am more than positive I can bring an honest and moral view to address the issues of honor and integrity that this school holds so dear.

Thank you.
















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