Staff Travel Policy

Travel expenses may be submitted for payment using the  along with itemized (showing details of purchases) receipts. Reimbursements are processed by Accounts Payable via direct deposit. Bank deposits will be sent weekly. Direct Deposit forms are available online or you can request one from Accounts Payable.

When traveling on university business, staff may request a travel advance for estimated expenses. Requests should be submitted on a Request for Payment Form-Form 19. This request requires two signatures–yours and your supervisor’s. All travel advances should be submitted to the Accounts Receivable Department. You will be given a Travel and Business Expense Form to complete and return when your trip is finished. When your approved expense form is turned in to Accounts Payable, with your itemized (showing details of purchases) receipts attached, your office budget will be charged for the actual expenses and any moneys owed to you will be reimbursed. Travel advances need to be cleared within five days of your return.

Remember to keep copies of your expense reimbursement requests.

Please note that the Internal Revenue Service requires that you provide information on the amount, time and place, attendees, and business purpose of requests for reimbursement for travel or entertainment.

Itemized (showing details of purchases) receipts with documentation regarding purpose and attendees are required. Without proper documentation, the IRS can deem the reimbursements to be taxable income to the payee.

The general policy of the University is to not reimburse an employee for personal entertainment and alcoholic beverages while traveling on University business. Per diems are not paid. Certain expenses are reimbursable for the entertainment of special guests of the University. Your supervisor will make the determination if entertainment of guests is allowable, but the business purpose and attendees must be documented.