Renewable Energy in Haiti

Wed, 02 Apr 2014 15:26:00 CDT  — by: Charlotte Henderson

While on the 2014 spring break Outreach trip to Haiti, students toured the Partners in Health Hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti. There, they found some very sustainable methods of ensuring consistent and dependable energy for the hospital.

In 2010, Haiti suffered a massive earthquake. Most of the devastation occurred in Port au Prince, Haiti. This also happened to be where most of Haiti's hospitals were. The earthquake killed hundreds of medical personnel. Several years later, Haiti's medical personnel is returning to its former numbers. In Mirebalais, Haiti, the organization lead and founded by Dr. Paul Farmer, Partners in Health, has built a new beautiful hospital. This hospital has some of the best state-of-the-art technology - including technology that is very energy efficient.

One of the most impressive parts of the hospital was the large solar field situated on top of the hospital. Near the equator, and with a dry season around six months, this solar field is in the perfect location for generating a lot of energy. The hospital is completely off Haiti's national energy grid!


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