New Additions to the Cumberland Farmer's Market

Fri, 30 Aug 2013 09:18:00 CDT  — by: Charlotte Henderson, C'13, Sustainability Post-Baccalaureate Fellow

okra_300The Cumberland Farmer's Market, a local organization bridging local farmers to local customers, has recently expanded offerings and services.

A staple for the past couple of years, the Cumberland Farmer’s Market has recently attained much advancement. Run by local farmers and volunteers, this on-line market offers fresh produce, jams and jellies, eggs, naturally raised meats, baked goods, flowers, soaps, and wool to name just a few. All the products sold are raised and or made by local businesses and small family farms.

RootedHereCMYK_jpgRecently, after receiving grants and a contract with the University, a branch of the market, the Food Hub has been launched. The market has also hired two new managers: Linda Boynton and Kir Strobel. And due to a generous donation, Mary Anna Patterson has been hired to help update the weblog and manage the social media aspects of the market, projects, and the farms.

Check out the Cumberland Farmer’s Market here to see what is offered this week.  Pickup is every Tuesday at the Sewanee Community Center.

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