Undergraduate Fellow Undertakes the "Greening" of Dining Services

Sun, 13 Oct 2013 17:13:00 CDT  — by: Brelyn Yuratich, C'14, Sustainability Undergraduate Fellow

greens_in_pots_300Sustainability Undergraduate Fellow, Brelyn Yuratich (C'14) will be working on increasing sustainability of the University Dining Services. This will include increasing awareness of sustainable food options in McClurg and the environmental implications of students’ food choices.

Increased education of the University Farm will also serve to strengthen awareness of food sustainability and foster a greater sense of pride in Sewanee’s commitment to environmental responsibility. She also plans to facilitate a dialogue among University Dining Services concerning waste reduction, and increase student awareness of the environmental cost of unnecessary trash production.

scott_shelling_beans_650‌Increased awareness of sustainability and sustainable options will empower Sewanee students to make responsible decisions based on an understanding of the importance of sustainability. The “out of sight, out of mind” nature of food sustainability and waste makes it easy to forget the implications of our actions when we choose what to eat and what to use and throw away. An active education program to remind students of these environmental implications will increase campus awareness of the everyday sustainable choices available here at Sewanee. Sewanee’s organic University Farm brings perfectly sustainable food options to McClurg.

Increased publicity of local produce options at McClurg can remind students to support sustainable agriculture, especially when cultivated on campus by student volunteers. Informative notes across campus can remind students to make sustainable choices. Reminders to bring a reusable bottle for drinks at The Pub, The Globe, and Stirling’s, about the environmental costs of global food transportation, and to reduce food waste at McClurg by taking only what you’ll eat: information like this can remind students of Sewanee’s commitment to sustainability, and create awareness of the environmental implications of everyday choices. In addition to small reminders throughout campus, larger-scale educational events will be planned to further promote awareness of food sustainability across campus.

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