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Students Reinvigorate Sewanee Natural History Society

Sun, 13 Oct 2013 16:13:00 CDT  — by: Meg Armistead, C'14, Co-President of the Sewanee Natural History Society

lizardAfter some semesters of dormancy, Sewanee seniors Meg Armistead and Jeff Kirchberg bring back the Sewanee Natural History Society in full swing with hikes, caving trips, identification walks, and more!

The Sewanee Natural History Society is an organization dedicated to the marvels of our Domain’s biodiversity. It is an enthusiastic student-led society that works in partnership with the Geology and Biology Departments and the Sewanee Outing Program.

natural-history-pin-162x148In September SNHS lead a plant hike through the most recently acquired part of the Domain, Lost Cove. They began at the Point of Disappointment and stream hiked down into the cove, stopping for picnic lunch. In October freshman member, Saunders Drukker, lead a Timber Rattler hike to King Farm. The group found a couple of Rattlers and even some of the endangered Green Salamander endemic to the Domain.

Dr. Haskell led an early morning bird walk for SNHS in which they were able to see some awesome varieties of warblers, a woodpecker and some hummingbirds. In late October the group went to Horse Skull cave near Chattanooga, TN. They looked for aquatic cave isopods and male nesticus cave spiders to help further ongoing research in the Biology Department. They ended up finding the elusive passage to the second leg of the cave. A bonus was finding a lost yellow belly slider turtle in the cave, she was returned safely to the outside.

Trips planned for later this semester include an edible plant hike through Shakerag Hollow, archaeological hike to see some of the cave art on the Domain, and a end of the year cookout on the bluff.


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