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Sending Green to Haiti

Sun, 05 Apr 2015 10:24:00 CDT  — by: Mary Cash

green-fee-bank_2This spring, Sewanee’s Student Government Association (SGA) is educating the student body about offsetting our carbon footprint, which is the impact that we leave on the environment, particularly in greenhouse gases. As part of our tuition, we pay a $14 fee called the Green Fee. This fee goes into sustainability projects and renewable energy stock from TVA. Although students technically can decide where their Green Fee is invested, many do not have this knowledge.

The purpose of Sending Green to Haiti ia to educate the student body on the Green Fee and how it is allocated while also promoting one of Sewanee’s outreach programs, Zamni Kafe. Zamni Kafe works in a small, impoverished farming community in Haiti where the Sewanee students involved are active in promoting reforestation. Because of Haiti’s current economic situation, many impoverished families will turn to cutting down trees for charcoal in order to create some source of income. By cutting down the trees for charcoal, these impoverished communities are continuing a multi-generational issue of deforestation and erosion. The goal of Zamni Kafe is to pay the farmers to not cut down trees and also nurturing coffee trees, which will eventually provide a sustainable income for these farmers.

By encouraging students to become active in their Green Fee, we hope to also promote Zamni Kafe, one of the University’s largest outreach programs.

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