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Sewanee Bees Produce a Sweet Treat for the Farm

Tue, 26 Jul 2016 10:52:00 CDT  — by: Clesi Bennett C'2013, Farm Assistant

After several months out in the fields pollinating, our honey bees produced enough honey for us to harvest. Click here to read about it and see some pictures!

The Sewanee bee hives are located down Brakefield Road and are maintained by the University Farm staff, student interns and workstudy students. By the end of this summer, our combs were full and capped, meaning they were ready to be harvested. Our team suited up in our protective gear and retreived the full supers (while being extra careful not to get stung!).‌


Next, we used a hot knife and scratcher to de-cap the combs and placed the combs into the extractor. Then, we spun the extrator to remove the honey from the frames and let it drain from the extractor into a bucket. 

honey5   honey6

Lastly, the honey was filtered and canned. 


Our honey was sold at Stirlings and went in under 12 hours! 



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