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SEI Pre-College Students Visit the Farm

Wed, 09 Jul 2014 14:43:00 CDT  — by: Clesi Bennett C'2013, Farm Assistant

For the past two weeks, the Sewanee Environmental Institute has been busy hosting its 6th Pre-College Field Experience Program. This program is designed to offer rising high school juniors and seniors an interdisciplinary view of environmental studies. Not only have the participants worked with faculty and students in the biology, chemistry, forestry and geology, GIS, history, and religion departments this year, they spent half a day volunteering out at the University Farm.


The SEI students started their visit with a farm tour which introduced them to the history of the old university farm as well as the objectives and goals of the new farm.   Participants also learned about organic vegetable production in the garden and the holistically managed livestock systems on our Brakefield Road pastures.

Working with the Farm staff, the pre-college students helped to harvest kale, chard, collards, basil, cilantro, and squash, which were brought to Chef Wright in McClurg dining hall and served on the 4th of July. The group also helped to remove an old and dilapidated fence line that bisected one of the Farm's pastures. A new, more stable fence line will be constructed on this site to aid in rotational grazing of the farm's goats and cattle in the future.


‌All in all, the SEI Pre-College participants were able to spend some good time in the sun getting their hands dirty while learning about some important concepts in sustainable agriculture.


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