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Wed, 17 Sep 2014 16:00:00 CDT  — by: Elizabeth Sega, C'2015, Summer Farm Intern


Senior Farm Intern, Elizabeth Sega, givesan insight about her involvement with agriculture at Sewanee.

As a college freshman, I was convinced my Sewanee academics would be focused on the pre med path. At the end of my sophomore year, I began to reconsider medicine, and rather focus on holistic health. The connection between human health and the environment was a strong factor in my personal development as I redefined my academic path at Sewanee. I am now a senior biology major, interested in sustainable agriculture both globally and locally, in Haiti and right here at home in Sewanee.

Courses, such as Human Health and the Environment, Ecological Integrity of Agriculture, and Foundations of Food and Agriculture, have all piqued my interest in sustainable agriculture. At Sewanee, I have been fortunate enough to take my education from the classroom, and continue to learn in the field at the University Farm. Involvement with the farm through the Summer Farm Internship, Farm Club and Farm Volunteer Days have given me the opportunity to practice farming techniques discussed in the classroom in a hands on environment. I am grateful for the co-curricular educational experiences about agriculture, and look forward to learning even more about sustainable practices as I finish my senior year at Sewanee.


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