Wildland Fire Training at Sewanee

Mon, 26 Jan 2015 11:22:00 CST  — by: Forestry and Geology Departmental newsfeed

fireStudents gathered in early January for training and National Wildfire Coordinating Group certification.

Sewanee recently hosted a week long training for wildland fire fighters that was attended by 18 students, Domain manager Nate Wilson, Forestry and Geology lab coordinator Nicole Nunley and professor Ken Smith. The event was organized by Kevin Hiers, Director of Environmental Stewardship, and was held in Snowden Hall. Nate Wilson ran the logistics for the training with help from Thomas Walters, C'15. US Forest Service and US Fish and Wildlife trainers co-taught the classes with Hiers.

All participants received their National Wildfire Coordinating Group certification and several were also red carded (pack-tested). The objective of the training was to better qualify our students for the use of prescribed fire on the Domain and to give them additional training to help in their future searches for employment off the Domain.

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