Summer In Review as a University Farm Intern

Mon, 28 Jul 2014 13:27:00 CDT  — by: Alex Butler C'2016, Summer Farm Intern

Butler_7This summer I had the opportunity to participate in the University Farm's unique summer farming internship program. This program, offered collaboratively with the Cumberland Farmer's Market, has a partnership with local family farmers.  Three days of the week I worked on a family- run farm and two days of the week I worked at the University Farm.   As a result I have experienced two different farms each with their own goals and objectives. The University farm is focused on establishing itself as a center for education through agriculture while for the family farmers, farming is their livelihood.

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Our half acre garden, now in its third growing season, is at capacity with all available space rowed, tilled, and planted. The most notable harvests, in my mind, were our first basil harvest of the summer weighing 16 pounds and last weeks squash harvest at 70 pounds! Though everything from swiss chard, green beans, to our melon patch continues to leaf out and grow.


The family farm I  had the pleasure to work for is located on the beautiful Jumpoff Mountain Land Trust and run by Joseph and Marriane.  The farm primarily sells a wide variety of fresh produce, eggs, pork, and lamb to their CSA and through the Cumberland Farmers Market. Working, living, and getting to know this family has been a priceless experience. I have gotten a glimpse into the challenging yet rewarding task of organic farming.

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