NPS Revisits Dick Cove: National Natural Landmark

Tue, 25 Aug 2015 15:15:00 CDT  — by: Callie Oldfield

In August, representatives from the National Park Service visited Sewanee to tour Dick Cove.

In 1973, Dick Cove was designated as a National Natural Landmark (NNL) due to its rare old-growth status. NPS regularly visits sites in order to see their condition and hear about new updates.

Dr. Jonathan Evans, Kevin Hiers, and Callie Oldfield gave representatives a guided tour of the cove and discussed management concerns affecting the Domain, such as deer browse and the spread of invasive species. Understanding the threats to the biodiversity and ecosystem services of this system is crucial for creating adaptive management strategies. 

This article also appears on the Sewanee Herbarium wordpress.

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