Society of Environmental Journalists Stop by Sewanee


On October 3rd, an enthusiastic group from the Society of Environmental Journalists visited Sewanee as a part of their 23rd annual conference. This year the conference was held in Chattanooga where the journalists were able to experience much of the sustainability of the Southeast, including the Conasuga River, the Cumberland Plateau, Oak Ridge, the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant, the state-of-the-art Volkswagen factory, the Tennessee Aquarium, and more.

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Deer on the Domain


There are many deer on Sewanee's campus and outlying domain - so many, in fact, that they pose both ecological and economic problems.

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Sewanee campus certified as a Tennessee Arboretum


The University of the South has long been known for its natural beauty. Generations of students and visitors have sat in the shade of a tree in the Quad, strolled through Manigault Park, and enjoyed the springtime splendor of Abbo’s Alley. Now the diversity of Sewanee’s trees has been documented and the campus recognized by the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council as a certified arboretum.

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Invading the Gate


Entering the Sewanee Domain entices the promise of Sewanee’s esteemed 13,000 acre forested. Just at the gates however, an invasive species, the white pine, lurks. White pine, Pinus strobus, is an invasive species to this area. Conservation-biology students Drake Schutt and Daniel Williams have created a study to understand P. strobus‘ effect on the structure of the surrounding canopy, subcanopy, and ground flora on the site by the gates.



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