Sustainability Master Plan Officially Passed

Thu, 17 Oct 2013 16:32:00 CDT  — by: Vincent Leray, C'13, Sustainability Post-Baccalaureate Fellow

domain_aerial_with_campusSewanee's Sustainability Master Plan (SMP) has been formerly adopted. This Plan, the first of its kind at Sewanee, represents a blueprint for our institution's commitment to sustainability as we move forward, empowering Sewanee to teach and lead by example.

The SMP has seven overarching Strategic Goals which, coupled with our 39 Operational Goals, direct the University's efforts in becoming a sustainability exemplar. Virtually all aspects of the University are touched within the SMP's scope: energy use, materials management, food operations, environmental stewardship, and beyond.  As such, our newly approved SMP distinguishes Sewanee amongst peer liberal arts institutions.

The genesis of the SMP was the passing of the 2008 Strategic Master Plan and Sewanee accepting the Presidential Climate Commitment for Carbon Neutrality. The creation of two positions - Assistant Provost to Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship, as held by Dr. Jon Evans, and the Director of Sustainability, Mr. Marvin Pate's position -  were in concert with this new phase of Sewanee's trajectory.  Since then, faculty, staff, students, and fellows have dedicated much time and energy into creating a Plan that reflects both the resolve and quality of the people of Sewanee.

Along the way, the SMP was guided by a Sustainability Steering Committee and was vetted in a number of meetings with groups throughout the University. In due course, the SMP received unanimous approval by the student body, an endorsement by the faculty of the School of Theology and the College of Arts and Sciences, and the approval by both the Regents and the Trustees of the University.  The excellence of the University's community is clear in the crafting and adoption of the SMP, and this excellence will remain of vital importance as Sewanee continues to reach its sustainability goals and, in the doing, play its part in a world of bright futures.

To view the Sustainability Master Plan in full, click here.

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