Campus Sustainability Update

Fri, 31 Aug 2018 16:03:00 CDT  — by: Nick Cookson

‌A new academic year brings with it notable changes. A new class of seniors have replaced the Class of 2018, ready to make the most out of their last year—a moment they thought would never come. We have juniors heading abroad and sophomores who feel like they're finally getting a grasp of life in Sewanee. And finally, we've got another crop of freshmen, eager to embark on an exciting new journey—so it goes, change is upon us.  The Sustainability program is also celebrating change by welcoming a new team member (but not a new face!), Lauren Newman, as our Sustainability Fellows Coordinator. We’re excited to have Lauren as a resource, a motivator and an all-around stellar woman. We know how lucky we are!

We’ve been hard at work this summer, anticipating your return and planning activities and events that we hope will engage, encourage and build your drive to participate and create lasting impacts. This year we’re welcoming 9 Sustainability Fellows to the OESS, including 2 that are returning from last year. Projects will cover sustainability reporting, stormwater management, Sewanee’s first Green Office Program and many more.  We’ll also be taking Sewanee students to Pittsburgh with us in October to be a part of AASHEs annual Sustainability Conference. At this conference we will be engaging other universities and thought-leaders, with the goal to bring home ideas to build a more sustainable Sewanee. Student groups such as SoCo, Sewanee Water Campaign and Environmental Residents will also be actively engaging students throughout the semester—so keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to participate!

And finally, we’re very excited for the roll-out of our revamped Green Fund and Sewanee’s first Green Fund Committee.  While we’re set to begin taking applications, we’re still looking for a diverse set of Sewanee students to participate in the Committee.  If helping decide how the University spends the Green Fee sparks your interest, we’ve got the opportunity for you! Swing by the OESS office in Cleveland Annex or stay tuned as we engage the student body through social media, campus flyers, class visits, etc… Needless to say, we’re excited your back and look forward to a wonderful semester ahead!  


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