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The new school year is already underway with orientation events quickly approaching. The freshmen are already on campus, moving into their dorms, and learning the layout of Sewanee. Tonight, the freshmen will be introduced to the various Environmental clubs in which Sewanee students can get involved in. Nine clubs will be represented, but there is huge potential for students to form their own clubs and organizations without an already existing framework. The organizations represented tonight range from a residential themed house to an organization focused on environmental and spiritual exploration.

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Fellowship Program


We’re always looking for ways to get the student body more involved in The Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability. Not only does this involvement help Sewanee as an institution, but also helps further students’ experience, knowledge, and own individual success. As part of the Strategic Plan, we are pleased to announce that a new fellowship program will be implemented this academic year for juniors and seniors as part of increasing domain education.

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Sewanee Receives Silver Sustainability Rating


After months of long meetings, countless conversations, and seemingly insurmountable metrics, the grading is finally complete: Sewanee’s Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability announces that the university has achieved the certification of AASHE STARS Silver, joining a small group of liberal arts colleges that have attained that rating.

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Summer Interns Do Energy Conservation


This summer, the duPont Energy Conservation interns and the PowerSave Campus interns have hit the ground running and will be working primarily on three projects: the T8, 25-Watt Lighting Optimization Project, the Low-Flow Faucet Optimization Project, and the Green Office Certification Program.

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EarthWeek Recap


Now that classes are finished and students are battening down the hatches on their final push of work and exams, it seems like a good time to reflect on last week’s numerous (and overwhelming successful) EarthWeek events. While all of the events were received well and had healthy turnouts, it is perhaps best to summarize the three of the best events of the week.

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