Summer Interns Do Energy Conservation


This summer, the duPont Energy Conservation interns and the PowerSave Campus interns have hit the ground running and will be working primarily on three projects: the T8, 25-Watt Lighting Optimization Project, the Low-Flow Faucet Optimization Project, and the Green Office Certification Program.

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EarthWeek Recap


Now that classes are finished and students are battening down the hatches on their final push of work and exams, it seems like a good time to reflect on last week’s numerous (and overwhelming successful) EarthWeek events. While all of the events were received well and had healthy turnouts, it is perhaps best to summarize the three of the best events of the week.

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The Sweet Smell of Sewanee Wildflowers


Fragrant flowers are starting to bud in bold colors across the Sewanee Domain around this time of year. Shakerag and Lost Cove are two of the most popular places to catch a glimpse of this dazzling botanical display. The flowers exist all around Sewanee, but in these two spots they are protected from the white-tailed deer, a popular predator who view these beauty’s as floor candy fresh for the nibbling.

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PowerSave Campus Interns Host Green Career Panel


The six PowerSave Campus Interns, in a joint venture between the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and the Alliance to Save Energy, helped host a Green Career Panel with the Babson Center for Global Commerce and the Office of Environmental Stewardship.

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