The 2018 hunting season is in progress and runs through January 11th, 2019.  

More information about the hunt can be found here.

Forestry Cabin

Built in the late 1950's by the Forestry Club, The Forestry Cabin is a 500 square foot structure situated on the bluff along the Perimeter Trail near Cherry Point Lake.  It is available for use by students, faculty, staff and alums throughout the year. It is equipped with picnic tables, grills, fireplace and fire ring, and a sleeping platform that can accommodate at least 10 people. The cabin is available for overnight use by reservation only.


Outside of forestry cabinInside shot of forestry cabin

Please abide by the following when using the forestry cabin:

  1. The cabin is for the benefit and use of students, alumni, and current and retired faculty and staff. Use by other groups is by permission only.
  2. Leave the cabin and the grounds around it clean when you leave. Pack out all trash. Leave the campsite at noon on your last reserved day.
  3. Fires are only permitted in the fireplace and within fire rings. Only dead and down wood may be used as firewood. All other firewood must be brought in. All fires must be completely extinguished before leaving the cabin.
  4. The person reserving the cabin is responsible for the cabin and its care, and should be on site when others are present.
  5. Parking is only allowed in the parking area above the dam. No motor vehicles are allowed on the dam or around the cabin. All food and supplies must be carried to the cabin.
  6. Maximum group size is 10 without prior permission.
  7. Please report any maintenance issues with cabin, outhouse, or surrounding area to
  8. If reservation is confirmed, key to gate on Brakefield road may be picked up at Sewanee Police Dispatch office on day of reservation. Gate must be re-locked after entry and exit.  The exact cabin location can be found on the Domain camping map.



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