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The 2018 hunting season is in progress and runs through January 11th, 2019.  

More information about the hunt can be found here.

Current Planning 

Students at Sewanee have the opportunity to participate in several areas of planning. On the Domain, the 2012 Domain Strategy White Paper set out goals by which the Domain is to be managed. Those goals are being implemented on multiple scales and students are involved in all of them. The most recent management planning for the Domain is currently in process. Students are involved in that planning effort, authoring documents on Domain wide biodiversity planning and even entire compartment management plans.

The Domain Management Plan 2019 is now available for review.  The University of the South, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and the Forest Stewards Guild, has undertaken a comprehensive management process for the Domain that is designed to improve wildlife habitats, protect fragile species and ecosystems, and set an example of exemplary forest management in the region.  We invite you to review and provide comments on the draft through August 20, 2019.  Please submit your comments to

Historical Management Plans and Related Documents


1899 Management Plan

1903 Management Plan

1939 Management Plan

1953 Management Plan

1966 Management Plan

1979 Management Plan

1992 Management Plan

2003 Management Plan

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