Information for Potential Partner Sites

Information for Potential Partner Sites


The South Cumberland Plateau VISTA Project values the partnerships it has established with community organizations. From health and education to economic development each site and the projects associated with it work to alleviate poverty here on the plateau. If your organization has an interest in joining the VISTA Project as a partner site please refer to the materials provided below. 

In order for a community organization to join the South Cumberland VISTA there are various qualifications that must be met. 

Qualifications include: 

  • Must have applied for and received a grant from the South Cumberland Community Fund or have an established relationship with the University of the South Office of Civic Engagement (Bonner and Cannale site, attend workshops and trainings, etc ).

  • Must have a proven record of accountability and presence throughout the service area

  • Must operate in Franklin, Grundy or Marion county and be no more that 1 hour drive from the University of the South.

  • Must be able to provide office space, phone, computer, mileage and professional development reimbursement (approved by site supervisor) for project related expenses.

  • Must offer regular supervision to the VISTA Member
  • Organization and project focus must be on poverty alleviation throughout the service area 

Information on the Site Recruitment Process

Site Supervisor Information Manual


Inquiries about the VISTA Project and becoming a potential site are always welcomed.

Please refer to the information provided in the Site Supervisor Manual for hosting a VISTA and to learn about the site recruitment process. 

For any additional questions please contact VISTA Program Director, Nicky Hamilton at or